It can be a very tedious job running around from store to store picking out all the little accessories for your wedding. That’s the reason that companies offer all all-in-one wedding kits. Each kit will include all the essentials for your ceremony, reception, and honeymoon to get your wedding planning adventure started off on the right foot. However, if you are like most couples, you have a pretty good idea of what you want each part of your wedding to be. Thus, it is only normal to wonder if all-in-one wedding kits are a good choice for your wedding. Below you will find some details about various wedding kits to get each part of the planning process on track.

Bridal Shower Kits

When you’re planning your bridal shower, it can be tough to remember all the details involved; especially since you have the details of every other part of your wedding running through your mind! Bridal shower kits are a great solution for this problem because they give you everything you need in one box including theme ideas, game ideas, favor or sparkler tags, a rubber stamp, and a bridal shower gift idea list.

Bachelorette Party Kits

The bachelorette party is typically planned by the maid of honor. However, many brides like to sit down with her in advance to go over their thoughts and expectations. A bachelorette party kit can be the perfect starting point with nearly all of the essentials. This includes a banner for the bride, name and wine glass tags, party invitations, and much more. A good kit will make sure that you never find yourself without the bachelorette party essentials.

Emergency Kit for the Bride imageKits for the Bride

In a perfect world, the bride will have everything she needs packed and ready to go well before she heads out the door to her ceremony. However, you don’t want to end up realizing you’ve forgotten something direly important as the ceremony approaches. Fortunately, there are all-in-one emergency kits for the bride that have all the essentials like deodorant, nail files, Q-tips, tissues, and more to ensure you have everything you need on the big day. Best of all, you can always use the items later if you end up not needing them.

Kits for the Groom

Unlike the bride, it is much more common for a groom to overlook certain items that they don’t normally need but will want on their wedding day. Fortunately, there are all-in-one emergency kits for the groom! They have all the essentials like a lint roller, deodorant, razors, hair gel, and much more. Having a kit like this on hand at your wedding will ensure that the groom will be looking great.

All-In-One Wedding Kits for the Reception

There are a ll sorts of reception kits that include an assortments of items to make your celebration better. Kits will include a variety of items including wedding sparkler accessories, place mats, and even complete centerpieces! Each kit is completely unique, so shop carefully.

Wedding Night Kits

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life; and the wedding night should be too! Most people don’t walk around carrying all the fun items you’ll want on your wedding night. Fortunately, there are many companies who have put together all-in-one wedding kits for the big night with everything you may want packed inside. These kits typically include items such as massage oils, massage lotions, body powder with a feather duster, scented candles, and other items to make your evening romantic and memorable.