There are some states that are popular places to hold a wedding. Meanwhile, there are states that only a select few people could ever dream about! One of the easiest places to be envious about for a destination event is Alaska. However, since it is so isolated, we’ve put together this Alaska wedding sparklers guide to help you source the accessories you need. I’ve attempted to covers everything from where to purchase to which items look best with an Alaskan backdrop. Let’s get started.

How to Find Wedding Sparklers in Alaska at a Local Store

Image of a Local Shopping Area in AlaskaUnfortunately, there are some things that can be quite a bit more expensive in remote areas; and items like fireworks are no exception. Sadly, you won’t find sparklers at every small shop like many of the continental US states. Furthermore, their availability will depend on the time of year you want to buy. Let’s get into it deeper.

Local Purchase Options

There are fewer stores in Alaska that carry the products you want. Other places can find them almost everywhere, but that’s not the case in a remote region like this. Instead, you’ll have to have some connections or at least some ingenuity to find them; especially a specialty item like sparklers for weddings. However, there are a few places you can check if you live in the right regions. Here are some examples.

  • Party supply stores.
  • Convenience stores.
  • Grocery stores.
  • Department stores.
  • A local fireworks store.
  • Private pyrotechnician.

Can You Buy Them Any Time of the Year?

Though there are many restrictions in place for fireworks in this state, seasonality is not one of them. As long as the items are allowed, they can be sold all throughout the year. This is great news for couples planning a wedding, but also for other events, too! Whether you plan to use them for a birthday, graduation, or any other gathering type, they should be able to be sold.

Sadly, the real problem is that most retailers won’t stock them at all. And, if they do, it’s only for a narrow band of time in the summer months. Worst of all, there is such a small population that most stores only order a small amount. And once they are gone, they are gone. Living in the remote north has many perks, but this Alaska wedding sparklers guide should at least demonstrate that the odds are stacked against you.

What About Shipping Sparklers to Alaska?

Sadly, sparklers can only be shipped via ground transportation under US regulations. This means that there are only 3 methods that are available; truck, rail, or ship. Shipping an item via rail or ship transport would only be economically feasible for a large quantity. Unless you are buying sparklers in bulk, chances are this isn’t a variable option. So, in light of these facts, most online companies cannot ship sparklers to Alaska. If you simply must purchase online, consider one of the many online classified ad sites that are available in the area.

Using Sparklers at a Wedding in Alaska

If you manage to get your hands on them, there are other important factors to consider before use. Things like legal statutes, safety practices, and fun ideas are all worth considering. Here is a further drill-down of these factors so you can make the right decisions going forward.

Alaska Wedding Sparklers Guide to Laws and Regulations

There is a lot to digest with this state’s regulations, so I urge you to checkout all the Alaska fireworks laws to make sure to are up-to-date. Fortunately, sparklers are legal in Alaska; but you still should be aware of all the laws out there. Here is a few highlights from the law book.

  • Fireworks that explode, such as firecrackers, bottle rockets, and aerial shells, are generally illegal. The only exception is if the person using them is a licensed pyrotechnician.
  • Consumer fireworks that are legal include sparklers, ground spinners, and small fountains. These can be purchased and used without a license. However, it is important to check with local authorities to ensure that there are no local ordinances restricting their use.
  • It is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under the age of 18 in Alaska.
  • It is illegal to use fireworks in a reckless or negligent manner; including using them while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Deciding on the Ideal Activities

If you are going to move forward with using wedding sparklers in Alaska, you need to choose the right activity. Fortunately, people have been using our products for a very long time; so there is a lot of sparkler inspiration to choose from! Here are a few of the best ones for Alaska.

  • Replace bubbles or confetti with sparklers as a fun accessory for your wedding exit.
  • Enhance your reception tables by incorporating them into your centerpieces.
  • Give them out as a memorable wedding favor to your guests.
  • Use them in photos to create shapes, like letters, or as a prop for a playful touch.
  • Jazz up your champagne bottles by using them as a garnish for a more exciting toast.
  • Opt for cake sparklers instead of traditional figurines as a unique cake topper.
  • Create a stunning backdrop for the couple’s first dance or big kiss.

Outdoor Activities

Image of Sparklers Being Used Outdoors in AlaskaThe preferred option for many couples is to use wedding sparklers outdoors. It’s generally safer and more manageable to handle flammable items in a more extensive area than in an enclosed space. Luckily, Alaska offers numerous stunning outdoor locations that are perfect for hosting events! Below is a brief list of natural wonders to consider for your outdoor event.

  • Denali National Park: With its stunning views of the Alaskan Range and glaciers, Denali National Park offers a breathtaking backdrop for a wedding ceremony.
  • Mendenhall Glacier: This 12-mile glacier outside Juneau provides a unique and unforgettable setting for a ceremony or reception.
  • Kenai Fjords National Park: The beautiful fjords and rugged coastline of this national park would make a picturesque backdrop for an outdoor event.
  • Northern Lights: The Aurora Borealis can make for a magical and romantic setting for a winter celebration! A perfect backdrop for sparklers!
  • Chena Hot Springs: These natural hot springs near Fairbanks provide a unique and relaxing location for a wedding ceremony or reception.
  • Alyeska Resort: This ski resort in Girdwood offers stunning views of the Chugach Mountains and would make a perfect location for a winter or summer affair.
  • Hatcher Pass: This mountain pass in the Talkeetna Mountains offers panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and valleys and could make for a picturesque outdoor ceremony.

Indoor Activities

Of course, no Alaska wedding sparklers guide would be complete without talking about indoor options. Obviously, you need to have a backup plan for places this far north, even in the latest parts of summer! If you are forced to use wedding sparklers indoors, here are some places to consider.

  • Alaska Native Heritage Center: This venue in Anchorage offers a unique and cultural setting for a wedding, with indoor spaces that showcase regional art and traditions.
  • The Alaska Experience Theater: Located in downtown Anchorage, this venue has a modern theater space with state-of-the-art technology and customizable seating options.
  • The Anchorage Museum: This museum offers a variety of indoor event spaces, including a modern atrium with stunning views of the city and the Chugach Mountains.
  • The Hotel Captain Cook: This luxury hotel in downtown Anchorage has multiple indoor event spaces, including a grand ballroom and smaller rooms with stunning views. They have also been known to be okay with using wedding sparklers.
  • The Alaska Aviation Museum: Located near Anchorage’s Lake Hood, this venue has indoor spaces that showcase the state’s aviation history, including vintage airplanes and helicopters.
  • The Alaska Zoo: The Alaska Zoo in Anchorage has several indoor spaces available for wedding ceremonies and receptions, including a pavilion with panoramic views of the city.
  • The Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center: This venue in downtown Anchorage offers a modern and versatile space with multiple indoor event spaces, including a large ballroom and smaller rooms with views of the city.

Distributing and Displaying Them Properly

Another important aspect to consider carefully is how you plan to display and distribute them to your guests. There are many ways to show them off elegantly, buy a high quality sparkler display bucket is by far the preferred choice. Simply place some glass beads in the bottom of the bucket and create an “arrangement” similar to a bouquet of flowers. Additionally, there are other small accessories that you can include if you want to dress them up even more. For instance, you can slip a few sparkler tags on them to make them much more personalized. Whatever you choose, just make sure to have a plan ahead of time to make things as easy as possible at your event.

Which Type of Wedding Sparklers are Best for an Alaskan Wedding?

36 inch Wedding Sparklers imageChoosing the right version for your celebration can seem like an easy job. However, there are a lot of important things that people completely overlook when making their selections. To help you avoid mistakes, here are some of the key things to pay attention to when looking at the available options.

Which Version Should You Choose?

Overall, there are 3 “standard” versions available on the market. These versions are typically denoted by their size. Here is a breakdown of each size to help you make the right choice for your needs.

  • 10 Inch Sparklers: These are the shortest version available, but that also means they are the least expensive. That makes them an ideal choice if you are on a tight budget. Furthermore, they work great for photo shoots and small table centerpieces.
  • 20 Inch Sparklers: These are the most popular choice that we sell, and for very good reason. They are extremely versatile, and they have enough length to work for wedding exits and sendoffs. They do have a slightly higher price tag, but it is well worth the price for their improved performance compared to 10 inch versions.
  • 36 Inch Sparklers: These are by far the longest wedding sparklers available on the market. If you have a large event and want to have a magnificent sendoff, these should be your top choice. However, they are far more expensive than the other options, so they may be cost-prohibitive. But, if you can afford them, they are the best choice out there.

The Importance of Choosing a Smokeless Design

Another area I want to highlight as part of this Alaska wedding sparklers guide is the importance of choosing a smokeless version. It may be hard to believe for some people, but not every type on the market creates smoke during the performance. There are many reasons that choosing smokeless wedding sparklers is the best choice. Here are a few of the most important ones.

  • Clearer Photos: One of the worst things you can have happen to your pictures is to have them turn out hazy and distorted. By choosing an option that is low smoke, you can minimize the chances of this happening to you.
  • Fewer Harmful Effects on the Environment: We all want to do our part to keep the environment clean. In protected regions like Alaska, this is even more important. By reducing the smoke you generate, you can ensure a cleaner Earth for future generations.
  • Minimal Mess: When sparklers create a lot of smoke, they also create other undesirable messes like ash. This can discolor concrete and clothing, which can easily be avoided by going smokeless.
  • Improved Versatility: Since they don’t create any smoke, you have a lot more versatility with this type of design. Most notably, you can use them indoors; even in somewhat poorly ventilated spaces! This can be extremely handy when using wedding sparklers in Alaska since it can be quite cold outside.
  • Extended Burn Time: Lastly, you actually get a longer performance out of smoke-free designs. Since there are no additional compounds being used like color pigments or starches, there is no filler. That means every gram is going towards the performance; thus they last longer.

What Should Be the Key Takeaways from this Alaska Wedding Sparklers Guide?

Hopefully, this Alaska wedding sparklers guide has shown you all the benefits of using our products at your event. There are a lot of great options available, and Alaska is one of the most beautiful and majestic states you could ever have your event. Thank you for reading, and good luck at your celebration!