After all the expenses involved with a wedding, most couples are looking for affordable honeymoons without traveling too far from home to help save money. Let’s face it; money will likely be tight after your wedding is over. Additionally, there will be lots of new expenses as you begin your lives together. Fortunately, there are always great ways to have your honeymoon closer to home; and still have a relaxing and pleasant experience! We will go over some tips to help. You can have a great honeymoon that is affordable by avoiding the need to travel too far to get to your destination.

Stay Close to Home for Affordable Honeymoons

If you’re like most couples, you are probably planning to have your wedding in the summer. The good news here is that wherever you go for your honeymoon during the summer months, the weather is bound to be great. This opens up a whole slew of great honeymoon options many couples never even consider; especially ones that are close to home.

Because there’s really no need to travel great distances to find sun or relaxing locations, consider looking for affordable honeymoon destinations within driving distance of your home. Perhaps there’s a big city a few hours from where you live that you don’t get to visit often. Book a suite at a nice hotel and explore some of the shopping and nightlife the city has to offer. This can be great way to have the feel of leaving town without all the big expenses associated with long distance travel. Best of all, you can take along all of those leftover wedding sparklers since you don’t need to fly!

Consider Taking a Short Cruise

Many couples are fortunate enough to live near the coast. If so, you may want to consider booking a 2 or 3 night cruise. The bulk of the expenses most people incur when booking a cruise is the travel costs to get from their home state to one of the coasts where a cruise is departing from. If you are already in a coastal state, the cost of taking a short cruise is actually quite reasonable. Plus, it will instantly transport you into the feeling of being on a vacation far from home!

If you don’t live on the coast but live fairly close to a state that is, you may want to consider taking a train to get on cruise. Trains are usually much cheaper than other forms of transportation; and they can have a romantic element all their own.  For shorter distances, trains can be a fast, fun, and affordable way to get to where you want to be.

Overhead Image of Las Vegas During a HoneymoonAffordable Honeymoons Require Working Within Your Means

The most important tip to having affordable honeymoons close to home is to be flexible and work within your means. Obviously, nobody wants to compromise too much for their honeymoon. However, the more open to flexibility you are the more you can get for your money. If you live close to a hot spot like Las Vegas, you have a great opportunity for a fun honeymoon right near your home. If you have nice amenities near your house such as a spa or first class resort, take advantage of having such close access to a wonderful destination.

Take it from me; it is much more fun to go somewhere and have “extra” money to live it up right! It’s never fun going somewhere expensive and having to watch your budget very carefully. Everyone’s taste is a little different; but I’d rather live like a queen near my home than live like a peasant in a tropical honeymoon destination.