Welcome to the eighteenth edition of “a thousand words”. This story is called “A Sparkling New Year’s Eve Wedding”. When Tom and Sue decided to get married on New Year’s Eve, there were a lot of things to consider. However, they decided very early on that taking a lot of photos was certainly the way to go. On top of that, they decided that sparklers for weddings were the perfect fit for their props.

After many years of engagement, Tom finally has the nerve to propose to Sue. Since they had met on New Year’s Eve, it only seemed fitting that he propose on the same date. However, this couple took things a step further; they also planned their wedding for the same date! That’s where our story starts, with Tom and Sue ready to finally tie the knot.

Deciding on New Year’s Eve

Image of a Champagne Toast on New Year's Eve with SparklersNew Year’s Eve was a very important date to both people in the relationship. As mentioned before, they not only met on that day, but it’s also when Tom proposed. So, deciding to get married on the same holiday is not really a big stretch. In fact, thousands of people get married on New Year’s each year, so this couple wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. Sadly, though there was a much bigger reason that this date meant so much to Sue.

8 years before they met, her grandmother unexpectedly passed away on New Year’s Eve. She had never shared that information with Tom, but somehow he was pulled to that date. Maybe it was a combination of those two factors. Maybe it was fate. All that they knew was the stars had aligned just right for a sparkling New Year’s Eve wedding!

Emphasis on the Photos

Photos are a huge part of nearly every wedding celebration. However, it’s extremely important to know how to photograph sparklers if you plan to include them in your event. Luckily, this couple knew exactly how important photos were because of their siblings. In fact, they hired Sue’s brother John to be the wedding photographer.

John was a military veteran turned professional photographer. He had gained some clout from his pictures he took during a tour overseas, and was ready to turn his lens on something a little happier. When he found out he had an opportunity to capture weddings sparklers on film, he was excited to add it to his portfolio. Knowing the couple was on a budget, this was all the leverage he needed to make a fantastic gift the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Budgeting in a Tight Economy

Sadly, Tom had lost his job just before they managed to get their entire event financed. Luckily, they had many friends and family willing to help; so they crowd sourced instead! They had aunts and uncles provide dished for the food, and they had the event in Toms’ families’ backyard. By utilizing all of their available resource, coupled with John taking photos, they were able to pull it all off without too many compromises.

A Way to Heal

One of the main factors surrounding the inclusion of John is that he suffers from PTSD in a big way. After two tours, he had seen a lot of combat and was ready to normalize. When he finally arrived home, he was greeted with news that their father had passed away just two weeks prior. After his passing, Sue and John became very close and she wanted a way to heal her brother’s wounds; both physically and mentally. By including him in the wedding as a photographer, she drew him closer to the family and had a great feeling as they performed the services

Choosing to Include Wedding Sparklers

Image of People with Champagne and Sparklers at a New Year's WeddingOnce the happy couple settled on making photography a key part of their celebration, they wanted to find the perfect props to make them really shine. There are a lot of ways to make your wedding photos extremely special, but sparklers add a unique element that is hard to duplicate. For Tom and Sue, they had to balance their desires with also being able to meet their budgetary confinements. Simply put; they were on a tight budget. So, they opted for 20 inch wedding sparklers since they were affordable and did the job particularly well. They almost went with a smaller size sparkler, but since they had nearly 100 guests attending it seemed like the perfect choice. And, they were right; as you can see in the sparkling New Year’s Eve wedding photos here.

Putting Together the Party – Inspiration

Once they had those things in place, they needed to decide how they wanted to use their sparklers. After some very careful review of all the different options for using wedding sparklers on New Year’s, they opted to do a traditional sparkler send-off. However, Sue really wanted a cool way to disperse the sparklers to the guests. So, she crafted some elegant centerpieces that would sit on each reception table. Not only did the send-off go beautifully, there were still several extra sparklers for guests to take home as a souvenir. It was a dream come true, and this couple managed to bring together an entire family in order to pull it all off.

What Can We Glean from Tom and Sue?

At the end of the day, Tom and Sue were just an ordinary American couple looking to get married. Obviously, they had some specific needs with John and their love history surrounding New Year’s Eve. However, they decided to make it even more special by taking it the extra mile and included sparklers in their wedding exit. While this may not be the right fit for every couple, it’s a great story that these photos sum up beautifully the way that words never could.

I really hope you enjoyed both this story and the photos that accompany it. Perhaps you are planning a sparkling New Year’s Eve wedding yourself or are just looking for inspiration. If so, I hope you found what you were looking for. If you want even more great ideas, please check out our previous version of “ A Thousand Words.” Thank you so much for reading, and have a very happy New Year!