With the holiday season in full force, many families are looking for fun activities to make their celebration more enjoyable. Furthermore, with inflation causing people making $250k or more per year to live paycheck to paycheck, finding an affordable solution has never been more important. Fortunately, there are ways to use sparklers on Thanksgiving that have probably never crossed your mind. The biggest benefit is probably that sparklers are extremely affordable. Additionally, they can further enhance the traditions that you already know and love. In this guide, I’ll discuss my 8 favorite ways to include them in your holiday event without having to put in much effort. Let’s get started.

Most Popular Ways to Use Sparklers on Thanksgiving

Image of Sparklers in a Vase for Welcoming Guests on ThanksgivingEach year, I get comments in my inbox about how people plan to integrate them into their celebration. Occasionally, I’ll hear an idea that is fresh and new. However, most people tend to stick with just a handful of ideas that seem to constantly bubble to the top. To drown out the noise, I’ve compiled this list of popular ideas to help.

Welcoming Gift for your Guests

One of the nicest things you can do for your holiday guests is greet them with a gift upon arrival. Some people like to take this to the extreme with lavish bags filled with all sorts of fun trinkets. However, if you are on a tight budget, consider buying some Thanksgiving sparklers online and giving them to your friends and family. The warm glow will be a welcomed greeting for everyone at your event!

A Prop for Giving Thanks

Another popular tradition on this holiday is to take turns stating what you are thankful for this year. Perhaps you got promotion and raise at work, or even a better job. Maybe you have a new baby and want to declare your happiness to those around you. No matter why you happen to feel blessed, you can take turns by holding a sparkler as a “talking stick” to keep things orderly. As long as your stick is glowing, you can continue to have the spotlight and speak.

Make a Special Beverage or Cocktail

No matter what type of libation you prefer, the holidays are a great time to create a seasonal concoction for your guests to enjoy. One of the easiest ways to enhance the presentation is to add a simple garnish, and sparklers are a particularly notable option. Simply add one to a cup of hot cider, cocoa, or a special cocktail and instantly you’ll have people begging for more!

Decorate a Special Dessert

Decadent desserts and holiday celebration go hand-in-hand; “turkey day” is now expectation! One of my favorite ways to use sparklers on Thanksgiving is to place a few of them on your pumpkin pie or other dessert of choice. The best option for this activity is to use cake sparklers since they include a food-grade anchor that won’t damage the filling. Think of it as lighting candles on a birthday cake; except it’s much more spectacular and works at any type of gathering.

Light Up Your Turkey Dinner

When most people decorate their food with sparklers, it’s limited to desserts like cakes or pies. However, there’s no reason you can’t use them on anything edible that you’d like! Just like with a pumpkin pie, consider adding a few of them to your turkey before carrying it out from the kitchen. It will make for a very dramatic presentation! And, it will let everyone know it’s time to gather around the table.

Use Them for a Toast or While Saying “Grace”

Image of a Sparkler Toast on Thanksgiving DayIt is a very common family tradition in most households to make a toast and/or say “grace” before carving up the turkey. One of my favorite ways to use sparklers on Thanksgiving is to incorporate them into your speech. Personally, I like to put a bottle sparkler on some champagne or wine to grab everyone’s attention. Not only does it make a huge visual impact, but it let’s everyone know you are ready to make your speech or say your prayer. In my humble opinion, this is much less annoying than tapping a spoon against the side of a glass.

Thanksgiving Football Celebration

One of America’s favorite pastimes after enjoying their feast is to enjoy the big football game. Since there’s usually only one game each year on Thanksgiving, it’s unlikely you’ll be rooting for your favorite team. However, you can still use sparklers while watching football in a wide variety of ways! Obviously, things like the Super Bowl or even using sparklers at an NFL Draft party come to mind first. However, you can use them for each touchdown or even create your own halftime entertainment as well. If you use some creativity, the sky is truly the limit for holiday football celebrations.

Use Them Just for Fun

Lastly, there doesn’t need to be any special setup to enjoy our products for your holiday gathering; you can use them just for fun! I like to place them in my centerpieces or some other vessel near the foyer of my house. That way, people can simply grad a few as they please and use them at their leisure. They seem to be particularly popular with the kids who like to use them outside in the backyard. If you just put them out on a table, your guests will have no trouble finding ways to use sparklers on Thanksgiving without any help.

Is Using Sparklers on Thanksgiving Right for My Family?

Sparklers are adored by nearly everyone, and they always have a pleasant impact on a gathering or event. However, you need to decide for yourself if you want to add them to your Thanksgiving traditions. Personally, I use them at most events that I host with over 6 guests attending. In fact, I’ve even comprised an inspiration gallery for using sparklers on various holidays to help. In the end, you’ll need to find out for yourself if you are inspired; and if it’s worth the money and preparation. Either way, thank you for reading and have a very happy Thanksgiving Day!