During the wedding planning process, many couples decide that they want to use sparklers during their wedding exit. Overall, most people agree that is a more exciting alternative to tossing birdseed or confetti. Additionally, the pictures are much more impressive and will steal the show in your marriage scrapbook. However, there are many different ways to organize the perfect sparkler send-off, and finding inspiration is crucial to your success. Sadly, there are many different names for wedding sparkler exits, and that can make it hard to find good ideas. Fortunately, I’ve put together this list to help you with broader search possibilities.

What is a Wedding Sparkler Exit?

First off, I’ll describe what is defined as a wedding sparkler exit. Most people are familiar with the concept of guests lining up outside of a chapel or other ceremony venue. When the couple exits, the guests celebrate their union with some sort of accessory. Historically, items like flower petals, confetti, or birdseed have been tossed into the air. However, modern brides have made the switch to more spectacular items such as wedding sparklers.

To perform a wedding sparkler exit, the guests line up in exactly the same way. However, instead of tossing a traditional item into the air; they hold up lit sparklers. As the couple makes their “dash” to the limo, the photographer can capture pictures of sparks lining their pathway. It’s just a slight variation on a very common practice, but it makes a really big impact on your event. However, wedding sparkler exits are known by many different names, which is why it’s important to understand the vocabulary.

Names for Wedding Sparkler Exits

Regardless of which name you first hear, they all describe the same activity. However, certain names are used depending on certain other factors surrounding your event. For instance, one name is more common for a casual wedding, while others may be more appropriate for formal affairs. Similarly, a certain name will work great for a beach wedding, yet not be appropriate for a winter reception. To help you make sense of it all, here is a breakdown of the different names for wedding sparkler exits.

Send-Off Line

Calling it a “send-off line” is by far one of the most popular options. Most guests will already be familiar with a send-off line since it’s very similar to a greeting line. Best of all, this name is a great fit for almost any celebration because it is so utilitarian.

Grand Exit

If you are having a very fancy and formal celebration, choosing a name with a higher level of class may be appropriate. The word “grand” really invokes a feeling of importance and glamour which can be a good fit. However, it can be easy for guests to misunderstand this name with the addition of sparklers. Overall, you should only use this terminology for very formal events.

Farewell Line

This is a very basic name that is sometimes used instead of calling it a wedding exit. Though uncommon, knowing that it exists may help when searching for inspiration. However, make sure to include the word “sparkler” in your search because it is a very vague term.

Sparkling Tunnel or Sparkling Arches

Image of a Couple Performing a Sparkling Tunnel Exit at a WeddingCalling this activity a “sparkling tunnel” or “sparkling arches” is also somewhat common. However, these names describe a specific way that your guests will be holding their sparklers. To create the desired effect, guests should be instructed to hold them as high as possible and attempt to touch their tip to the tip of the person standing across from them. This will create a “tunnel” or “archway” for the couple to duck under as they make their exit. However, a word of caution; you need to get them as high as possible in the air, so make sure to use 36 inch wedding sparklers for this activity. Unfortunately, it is still one of the most difficult variations of this activity to perform; so please proceed cautiously.

Exit Path

This is another very basic name that some people prefer to call it a wedding exit. Unfortunately, it is probably the vaguest term imaginable, so I suggest avoiding it. However, it may be useful as a search term; so I’ve decided to include it on this list for inspirational needs.

Pathway to Paradise

This term is typically only used in two specific scenarios. Most commonly, it used for a tropical or beach wedding. Since you are exiting to “paradise”, it should be pretty obvious why this name is popular in certain circumstances. However, it is also a popular choice if the couple is immediately leaving to depart for a tropical honeymoon. Either way, the word “paradise” typically refers to a tropical location when people use this terminology.

Wedding Exit

Calling it a “wedding sparkler exit” is the preferred name within our industry. Overall, you are going to find the most inspiration using this term. Additionally, since it is the most common, the majority of your guests will already know what you have planned. Though there are a few other good options, this is what I suggest you call it on your special day.

Most Common Names for Wedding Sparkler Exits

Obviously, you already know what the most common term is for this activity. Though it will give you the most results, the other terms are also popular enough to warrant queries. So, to streamline your search efforts, here’s an ordered list of which names are the most popular.

  1. Wedding Exit
  2. Send-Off Line
  3. Grand Exit
  4. Sparkling Tunnel
  5. Sparkling Arches
  6. Pathway to Paradise
  7. Farewell Line
  8. Exit Path

No matter which name you prefer, finding the right inspiration will require searching several of these terms. Before you can put together your wedding exit checklist, you need to have a plan in mind. With the help of these search terms, you should be able to find a lot of pictures on the internet and social media sites to find what your heart desires. Good luck, and have a fantastic celebration!