LED wedding sparklers are the latest innovation in the industry, and they are making huge waves. Each year, thousands of celebrations are forced to go without sparklers for a plethora of reasons. Local laws, fire codes, and other factors all play a role. However, there are some clear benefits of LED wedding sparklers vs. a regular sparkler for weddings. After all, even our longest regular sparklers eventually fizzle out! So, I’ve put together this quick guide on the many benefits of using LEDs as an alternative.

A Few Clear Benefits of LED Wedding Sparklers

Traditional versions will always be the most popular choice, but there are certainly times when LED sparklers are the best fit. Here is a breakdown of eight benefits that exceed the limitations of regular combustible versions of our products.

Completely Reusable

The most obvious benefit of LED wedding sparklers over regular versions is that they are completely reusable. Since they are powered by batteries, you simply turn them on or off. Fortunately, that means you can use them for multiple occasions without needing to buy more. Conversely, traditional versions need to be discarded after they are used. For venue owners and planners, LED sparklers for weddings are the best value overall.

No Venue Restrictions

Image Depicting a Wedding Venue Restricting the Use of SparklersMany venues prohibit the use of open flames during ceremonies and receptions. This includes a variety of items including candles, lamps, and even sparklers. However, LED sparklers are a perfect solution because they do not have an open flame! Since they are just flashing lights, all wedding venues allow the use of this product.

Lasts as Long as You Want

Regular wedding sparklers last a certain amount of time depending on their length. However, regardless of what size you choose, they will eventually burn out. Sadly, that leaves couples guessing at how long they need their sparklers to last at their event. However, an LED version can be used for any duration of time since it’s powered by batteries. They are the best way to get exactly the experience you want without lasting too long or cutting things short.

Safety Benefits of LED Wedding Sparklers

When used properly, sparklers are not a very dangerous item. However, accidents do happen; and that means there is always a certain amount of risk involved when using our items. Conversely, LED versions do not create any heat or flames of any kind. Without anything that can burn your skin, they are obviously vastly safer than their traditional counterparts.

Incredibly Versatile

One of the biggest benefits of LED wedding sparklers is that they can be used for a broad range of activities. For instance, they work excellent during send-off lines or exits in place of standard items. Additionally, they can be used on wedding cakes or as bottle sparklers for your champagne toast. No matter what type of activities you have planned, these will work as a fine substitute.

Offers Multiple Lighting Modes

Though sparklers are quite exciting, they are somewhat limited in their performance. No matter which type you choose, they all do pretty much the same thing; sparkle for awhile and then eventually fizzle out. However, one of my favorite benefits of LED wedding sparklers is the multiple lighting mode options. You can choose them to be steady on or your choice of two patterns. Best of all, you will have complete control over how the lighting appears during your activity.

Take Them with You Anywhere

Many couples decide to have a destination wedding with a smaller group of their friends and family. Saying your vows somewhere exotic has its benefits, but it also comes with drawbacks. Unfortunately, you cannot bring sparklers on a plane with you when you travel. They are not allowed in your carry-on or checked luggage. However, LED versions are always allowed because they are not made from anything considered “explosive”. That means you can bring them with you no matter where you go without any restrictions.

100% Legal Everywhere

Lastly, the laws surrounding the use of sparklers can vary drastically from state to state. Even worse, some cities have their own restrictions in place! Luckily, LED wedding sparklers are 100% legal in every way; no matter where you happen to be using them. They conform to all fire codes and laws, so you never need to be concerned about legal issues. Additionally, if you own multiple venues, it will allow you to buy in larger quantities without worrying about each area’s laws.

Are there Drawbacks to Using LED Wedding Sparklers?

On the flip-side, there are also a few drawbacks to choosing LED wedding sparklers. Occasionally, choosing regular sparklers is the better option. Here is a breakdown of four drawbacks that they have versus traditional types.

More Expensive

The most obvious drawback of using LED sparklers for weddings is that they have a large price tag. Conversely, you can get a whole pile of 20 inch wedding sparklers for the price of just one LED item. This added upfront expense can be a huge burden when you’re planning an event on a budget. If keeping things affordable is your goal, they probably aren’t a good choice.

Not the Same “Wow” Factor

Image of How Real Sparklers Create a "Wow" Factor at WeddingsReal sparklers have a certain “wow” factor that you can’t capture with LEDs. The sound and smell play a huge role, and they are things that just can’t be replicated. To get the full effect, only the real things will do. Everything else is just a replica, and that includes LED sparklers. It’s important to understand that yon are making these compromises as a trade-off to the benefits they offer.

Don’t Go as High in the Air

Another drawback is the lack of height you get from these short LED wands. Traditional items reach out much further, so it creates more of a “sparkling tunnel” effect. One possible solution is to attach each LED sparkler to a long stick so you can hold it higher in the air. However, this is a very lengthy process that will drive you crazy! If you can’t live with the shorter length then they probably aren’t for you.

Not as “Customized” to the Event

Each celebration should be unique to the couple, and there is a variety of different options available for any type of activity. When you go the traditional route, there are endless different ways to customize your event. If you are going for an elegant theme, there are heart shaped sparklers to compliment your look. There are very few options for customizing the performance when using LEDs, so that is another thing you’ll need to live with.

When you balance the benefits of LED wedding sparklers against the drawbacks, you can see that they are superior in many ways. However, there are certain things that you’ll need to sacrifice in order to enjoy them. Overall, they offer superior value and a longer usable life than traditional options.