Father’s Day is one of the most cherished and celebrated holidays in the entire country. Though not as popular as Mother’s Day, it is still a massive fixture in American life. For many kids, the rules are simple: buy your father a crappy gift like a coffee cup that says “World’s Best Dad.” However, some children are more prone to be creative and they go above and beyond. One unique way you can do this on a budget is be using sparklers on Father’s Day to make it more memorable occasion. Here are 7 fun ways that you can make your dad feel special by using sparklers on his most important day of the year.

How to Use Sparklers on Father’s Day

Image of a Dad Using Sparklers with His Kids on Father's DayThere are several different ways that people use sparklers on Father’s Day. Whether you include them in a specific activity or use them as the centerpiece, the options are nearly unlimited. Since it’s not as common as using sparklers for the 4th of July, it can get a bit confusing. To help you out, I’ve put together a list of my 7 favorite ideas that dad will love. Here they are in more detail.

A Special Evening Barbecue

Having a backyard barbecue with your dad is one of the best ways to celebrate Father’s Day. In fact, most of the time, your Dad wants to be the one in charge of grilling the food. However, one of the coolest ways to make the day special is by busting out a couple packages of sparklers! Right when he lights the grill, imagine him turning around to see you standing there with lit sparklers. It’s a really cool presentation, and your dad will never forget the experience.

A Father’s Day Cake Topper

Decorating cakes for birthday and anniversaries is a foregone conclusion. In fact, most people even use cake toppers at wedding, even sparklers to make it appear extra special! However, nothing will make dad more excited than having a handmade cake delivered to him after dinner on Father’s Day. Simply bake his favorite cake, frost it, and then put the correct sparklers for a cake on top. Once he sees the amazing presentation, he’ll remember why he worked so hard for all those years when you were young children.

Movie Night Magic with Sparkler on Father’s Day

Celebrating Father’s Day with a movie night under the stars is a delightful way to honor the special man in your life. As the sun sets, transform your backyard into a cozy outdoor theater with a projector casting a favorite father-themed film. Of course, you need to make the seating comfortable with blankets and cushions invites everyone to settle in. Meanwhile, set out a spread of delicious snacks like buttery popcorn and homemade sliders to keep everyone satisfied. Before the movie starts, hand out and light sparklers to create a fun experience to set the trend for the evening. The crackle of sparklers combined with the excited chatter of family will create an atmosphere of warmth and love. Not only will your dad appreciate this, but it will also be fun for everyone involved.

 A Jaunt Down Memory Lane

Another fun activity to do on Father’s Day is to take your dad on a trip down memory lane. If you’re like me, you have a lot of great childhood memories that your dad will likely enjoy as well. Whether it was fishing at his favorite spot or playing music together, there are many ways to approach this. Whatever the memory, a fun activity is creating a pathway of sparklers to lead him to different spot. Simply line up sparklers along a pathway and place specific items or photos that commemorate those moments along the way. You’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy it, and you might even get to see dad cry.

Sync the Music to Sparklers on Father’s Day

Syncing fireworks to music is a trend that started in the 1990s. However, it continues to evolve; and many people are now doing it with sparklers. There are a few different ways this can be accomplished, but the most effective method is to use an electronic fireworks ignition system with a computer interface. Then you simply need to arrange some sparklers, attach the ignition system, and then set it to sync to your dad’s favorite songs. It can be a lot of work, but it’s a really cool way to use sparklers for Father’s Day.

A Special Camping Surprise

Image of Father and Daughter Using Sparklers While CampingOne of my personal favorite pastimes to share with dad has always been camping. Whether you have an RV, setup a tent, or head to the river bottoms with a set of hammocks, it’s always a lot of fun. Beyond just roasting hot dogs and telling stories around the campfire, another fun activity can be using sparklers while camping. There are many ways this can be done, but most of the easiest ways are extremely basic. Best of all, sparklers are a great insect repellent; so it will help keep the campsite free of nuisance bugs!

A Surprise Party with Sparklers on Father’s Day

Lastly, throwing a surprise party is always a great way to celebrate Father’s Day. Imagine your dad walking into the room and seeing the entire family there waiting for him unexpectedly! There are many different ways to pull this feat off, but the main two factors are it being a surprise and announcing that you’re all there. Typically, people just hide in the room, wait for him to arrive, and shout “surprise!” However, lighting up some sparklers as the surprise can be a fun twist on this classic style of party.

Should You Use Sparklers on Father’s Day?

When planning the perfect event for your dad, you need to take everything possible into account. Generally speaking, you want to choose something that he will like and run with it. However, almost any activity is a great excuse to use sparklers on Father’s Day. Whether you plan to go camping or just hang around the house, there is no shortage of great ways to use them. Hopefully, I’ve given you plenty of fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Good luck and make sure your dad has an amazing Father’s Day!