600 Pack of 10″ Wedding Sparklers

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10″ wedding sparklers burn for 30-45 seconds each. If you’re planning on having a wedding with over 150 guests attending, our 600 pack of 10” wedding sparklers might be a good fit for your situation. This package offers a good quantity of sparklers for your wedding with over 150 guests without breaking the bank on your tight wedding budget. Sparklers are a good way to stretch a tight budget, and that’s why we offer the 600 pack of 10” wedding sparklers.

10 inch wedding sparklers are a dazzling addition to any sendoff line, or when displayed in a vase in the center your tables. It’s also important to buy the right amount of sparklers for your wedding; which can be a difficult balance between the size of your budget and the number of guests you’re expecting. There are other places in your wedding that could use some extra dollars, so keeping your budget in line is very crucial. This is why it’s so vital to make sure your selecting the right size 10” wedding sparklers package for your guest list.

If you’re like most brides or grooms, you will be handing your sparklers out for a send-off line or for wedding photos. The 600 pack of 10” wedding sparklers accommodates your needs perfectly for weddings expecting over 150 guests to attend. This amount will ensure that all your guests can participate in the fun and also protect you from the sparklers being used up too quickly during the event.

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