With summer just around the corner, people everywhere are getting excited for their favorite activities. Whether you like camping, fishing, or backyard barbecues, everything is more enjoyable in the summer months. However, beyond recreational activities, there are a whole slew of other milestones that many of us will celebrate. One of those events is graduation; whether it is from high school or college. There are many traditional ways to celebrate such a monumental achievement, but there’s one idea that is taking the world by storm. Of course, I’m talking about using sparklers for graduations! But what is the best way to use them? Are there certain ideas that are better than others? Here is everything you need to know for your big event.

Decorate a Graduation Cake

One of the easiest ways to add sparklers into your graduation party is by decorating the cake with them. Many people are already familiar with using sparklers on a birthday cake instead of candles. For a graduation party, the method is pretty much the same. When you go to present the cake to the laureate, simply light a few sparklers that you’ve inserted into the cake. Obviously, you won’t be singing “happy birthday” or any other songs to the guest of honor. However, the result will still be a dazzling display that will make the event more special.

Hold Them While Walking Across the Stage

Image of People Holding Sparklers During a Graduation WalkOne of the most iconic parts of a graduation ceremony is when the grads walk across the stage to receive their diploma or degree. In fact, there are a lot of graduation walk traditions out there that people participate in. For instance, some people like to be naked under their down. Similarly, some athletes wear their uniform under the gown for nostalgia. However, one fun way to use sparklers for graduations is to hold one as you do the walk. Obviously, you need to make sure you clear it with the school ahead of time for safety reasons. Nevertheless, it can be a fun change-up compared to more traditional options on your big day.

Create a Special Entrance at the Graduation Party

Another fun idea for using sparklers for graduations is to create a special entrance to the party. Most people are familiar with using sparklers for a sendoff at a wedding. However, the same effect can be great at graduation parties, too! For this type of event, I like to line up the guests ahead of time along the area where the graduate will be making their entrance. Just have everyone light a sparkler before they make their appearance and it will create a warm and welcoming experience that they’ll never forget.

Hold Them in the Audience

Yet another fun idea that is growing in popularity is for the audience members to hold sparklers as their children walk for their diploma or degree. Imagine walking across the stage, looking out at your family, and seeing them holding lit sparklers. What’s even cooler is that there will be a constant flow of various groups doing this as the ceremony moves forward. Again, make sure to clear it with the facility ahead of time for safety reasons; but it can be a great way to make the event more special.

Take a Special Photo

One of my personal favorite ways to use sparklers for graduations is to create a unique photo shoot. There are many different ways that people use sparklers in their photo shoots, but graduations offer a unique opportunity. For instance, imagine having a row of people holding sparklers behind the group doing the iconic cap toss. Or, you could choose a simpler concept like the graduate holding one next to their diploma or degree. No matter how you decide to include them in your pictures, it can be a great prop that will make them more memorable.

Propose a Special Toast

Lastly, one iconic way to celebrate any kind of celebration is proposing a special toast. Obviously, if it is a high school graduation, you’ll want to stick with a non-alcoholic option. However, college graduates are free to imbibe in champagne, wine, or another adult beverage of their choice. To make it more special, consider adding a few bottle sparklers to the mix to grab everyone’s attention. Just clip them to the bottle neck, light them, and watch the excitement unfold. As you say the special toast and offer congratulations to the graduates, it will be a memorable and enjoyable situation for everyone involved.

As you can see, there are many fun ways to use sparklers for graduations that will have a big impact on the celebration. Each year, the number of people graduating high school or getting their college degree is different. However, it is still a major milestone that should be cherished and rewarded with much fanfare and special items like sparklers. Good luck and congratulations on your graduation!