6 Pack of 10" Wedding Sparklers image10″ wedding sparklers burn for 30-45 seconds each. Some people prefer to have smaller, more intimate weddings than others. Sometimes, large send-off lines or large groups of people doing sparklers is either unwanted or not very feasible. For these occasions, we are proud to offer a 6 pack of 10″ wedding sparklers. They are also great if you just want to test them out before making a larger purchase.

Overview of 10″ Wedding Sparklers

10″ wedding sparklers are a dazzling addition to any sendoff line, or when displayed in a vase in the center your tables. Buying smaller packages of wedding sparklers can have its advantages. While you certainly get the best discount on sparklers when you buy in bulk, it’s easier to get the exact amount you need if you by in smaller packs, which can ultimately save you money.

Why Buy a 6 Pack of 10″ Wedding Sparklers?

Or, perhaps you are only interested in the bride and groom or the bridal party participating in the use of wedding sparklers. In this case, you can buy a handful of the 6 packs of our sparklers for weddings and you will be set to go. It’s much cheaper than choosing our package of 300. Whatever the needs of your wedding, you can always find the right amount of sparklers to fulfill what you are looking for.

Overall, if you want a classic-style wedding and prefer to test things out before your big day arrives, our 6 pack of 10″ wedding sparklers is the right fit for you. You can order them through our online shop by clicking here. Thank you, and we appreciate your business!