It used to be that wedding registries were intended to help the bride and groom outfit the new home they’d be sharing together. One or both would have been living with their parents before the wedding, of course; so they wouldn’t have a set of cutlery, dishes, or towels. These days, the couple is much more likely to be living together before the ceremony; or at least living in separate, well-appointed apartments. So why not have a little fun with your wedding registry? Let your shared interests as a couple be your guide to asking for gifts you will actually enjoy and use. Here are a few examples of creative wedding registries that can illustrate who you really are.


Etsy is a website where individual crafters can sell their handcrafted wares. From hand-knitted scarves and sweaters to custom-made jewelry, Etsy has a huge selection of one-of-a-kind artisanal gifts. Best of all, you can make creative wedding registries in saved lists for your loved ones to browse.


If you and your significant other are into the great outdoors, why not make a registry at REI? Put the sleeping bags, tents, camp stoves, and backpacks of your dreams on the list. Then, you can celebrate your honeymoon backpacking through a national park!


Image of Wrapped Gifts from a Wedding RegistryIf you don’t need a toaster or a blender, why not roll your wedding registry into your honeymoon? Instead of gifts you don’t need, Wanderable can help you make memories that will last a lifetime. The site lets you create a registry of experiences and trips you and your spouse would like to do, and guests can contribute directly to the travel expenses.

Green Bride Guide

For a more Eco-friendly spin on the traditional registry accoutrements, the Green Bride Guide can help you create a registry full of environmentally-responsible gifts. From bamboo towels to soy candles, the Green Bride Guide assures that all your wedding gifts are sustainable and guilt-free.

The I Do Foundation

This is by far one of the most creative wedding registries I’ve found. The I Do Foundation enables charitable giving in lieu of, or in addition to, giving wedding gifts. You can set up a “registry” of charities to which your guests can contribute instead of buying presents. Optionally, you can set up a link that will donate 5% of everything your guests spend on gifts from your more conventional registry.

Heifer International

Heifer International is another charitable registry option, so the gifts will go to a family in need rather than into your closet. But Heifer International takes a more concrete approach to giving than just dropping money in a bucket. The donations go toward buying a specific animal that can help a third-world family start a business; it could be anything from a hive of honeybees to a milk cow.

Whether your wedding is traditional or unconventional, creative wedding registries should reflect you and your spouse’s personalities and your shared goals as a couple. Don’t be afraid to explore these creative registry ideas. What is considered essential for weddings has changed over the last decade. Perhaps there’s a store where you and your spouse regularly shop together. Why not ask if they will create a registry for you? Instead of a tea set and a toaster oven, you could be opening piles of books, board games, or fishing tackle on your special day.