If you’re like most couples, you want your wedding to be both elegant and unforgettable for everyone who shows up. While your wedding day is a time that will be etched in your memories forever, it is equally important for your guests to have a great experience as well. While planning your wedding, it can be very easy to get carried away with all the little details and wanting everything to be as extravagant as possible. However, this can quickly become very expensive, so it’s important to prioritize where you spend your money. Here are 5 wedding items that aren’t worth the money because they won’t improve the experience for your guests. Also, they will take away valuable budget room from other items that will enhance your special day.

Wedding Items That Aren’t Worth the Money imageChampagne Toast

Having a champagne toast can be a very attractive notion on the surface. However, the fact of the matter is that it’s extremely expensive and many of your guests will only participate as a courtesy. The majority of your guests would prefer to toast with the beverage of their choice. So, buying a bunch of expensive champagne bottles and flutes can be both a waste of money and a nuisance.

Wedding Cake

No wedding is complete without wedding cake. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on a giant cake that is insanely decorated! Instead, consider buying sheet cakes that will allow you to give everyone a piece of wedding cake without costing a fortune. You can even add a few wedding cake sparklers if you want to jazz it up a bit. Additionally, if you still want a nice looking cake for your cake cutting ceremony, you can buy a small decorative cake for that purpose and buy sheet cakes for everyone else. It all tastes the same in the end, so it’s one of those wedding items that aren’t worth the money overall.

Rented Place Settings and Glasses

You may think that having fancy places settings, dishes, and glassware will make your wedding more elegant. However, the fact of the matter is that most of your guests will either not appreciate or notice the fine stemware that you spent a fortune on to rent for the day. Instead, go with a more conservative selection to save money and get the job done. After all, they’re just plates and glasses and at the end of the day.

Wedding Favors

It’s always nice to give your guests a little gift to say “thanks” for showing up. But that doesn’t mean you should spend a fortune! Consider buying something inexpensive like sparklers or bubbles instead of something more expensive like bottle openers or personalized towels to save a little money and make life easier during the planning stages.

Expensive Centerpieces: The Worst Wedding Items That Aren’t Worth the Money

Centerpieces are a really great way to jazz up the look of your reception tables. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to put a dozen red roses on each table. In fact, they are one of the worst wedding items that aren’t worth the money. There are plenty of attractive and cost-friendly centerpiece options out. With the right touch, will look like a million bucks but cost nowhere near that figure. Simply fill a vase with some decorative dragon’s tears or candies like toffee. That will give the centerpiece a solid foundation. Then, add a few inexpensive flowers or wooden roses that match the rest of your wedding decorations. It will look fantastic, but won’t cost a ton of money.

In the end, spending a lot of money doesn’t equate to greatness always. Sometimes it’s about being creative rather than spending a fortune. Knowing the worst wedding items that aren’t worth the money will allow oyu to focus your budget on more important things.