So you’ve picked out the perfect wedding dress, made the purchase, and are ready to go for your big day. While all of that sounds really great, you also need to make sure that the dress actually makes it to your wedding date; ideally looking as great as it did the moment you chose it at the dress shop! There are a number of things that can happen to a wedding dress between the moment you buy it and the day you actually put it on. So, knowing how to care for it no matter what the circumstances is very important. Here are 5 wedding gown maintenance tips that will not only help you get your dress to the wedding day in one piece, but also make it look its very best.

Image of a Woman Cleaning a Stain from a Wedding DressInitial Cleaning

Even though your wedding dress will come off the rack in a very clean state, you’ll still want to make sure it receives a good initial cleaning. First off, you may not be the only person to try that particular dress on. So, you’ll want to make sure it is fresh and ready to go. Second, getting your dress properly cleaned ahead of time will actually make sure it stays nice and bright. The color will resist fading leading up to your wedding day better with protection. Simply bring your wedding dress to the dry cleaners and they should be able to take care of everything for you.


Storing your wedding dress properly is very important for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, it will prevent anything from getting spilled on it before your big day. Additionally, proper storage can ensure that your colors don’t fade and the dress will look perfect on your big day. Moreover, if you are planning a destination wedding, proper storage can keep it safe during travel. Put your wedding dress in a storage bag and keep it in a cool dark place like the back of your closet until the date finally arrives.

Wedding Gown Maintenance Tips for the Big Day

A day or two before your wedding date, it’s a good idea to get your wedding dress freshened up a bit. This will make sure it looks, smells, and functions perfectly. Usually, a good steam-pressing will do the job very nicely. You probably already have a device that allows you to steam-press your wedding dress. However, you can always ask your friends; someone is bound to have something for you to use.

Spot Cleaning

Though nobody wants to think about it, the risk of a small stain happening is a real risk to consider. If you find yourself in this troubling situation, remain calm and grab your trusty toothbrush. You can make a DIY stain remover with a small bit of warm water and laundry detergent will work prefect! With a little gentle scrubbing with your toothbrush, you can easily lift out most stains from the gentle fabrics that make up your wedding dress.

Using Care While Eating and Drinking

Speaking of stains on your wedding dress, don’t forget to be careful with what you eat and drink at your reception! It can be very tempting to grab a glass of red wine or indulge in a chocolate cupcake. However, one wrong move and your dress will never look the same again. If you can try to wait for your honeymoon to indulge yourself, that’s the best choice. However, if you simply can’t help yourself and you must enjoy a delicious treat, that’s okay; we’re all human. Just make sure you’re incredibly careful! You don’t get anything on your dress or it can ruin memories for years to come.

By using these wedding gown maintenance tips to keep it clean, you can virtually guarantee that it looks its best on your big day. If you run into any problems, just remember these tips. You should be able to handle anything that life (or your chocolate cupcake) throws at you.