Most couples want to know the best way to display sparklers at their wedding. There are many options available, and different way they are utilized. However, the overall consensus is that you should use sparkler display buckets at a wedding instead of the other available solutions. Moreover, you need to know the difference between 11 inch and 15 inch buckets in relation to the sparkler you choose. To help, I’ve decided to share the most popular ideas we run across. Here is everything you need to know.

Reasons to Use Sparkler Display Buckets

Image of an 11” Chalkboard Sparkler Display BucketUsing a bucket for sparklers at a wedding can offer several practical and visible benefits. Whether you need them for a specific purpose or to dress things up, they are a great option. In fact, wedding decorations make up a big chunk of a budget when planning this type of event. Here are some reasons why it can be a good idea to help.

  • Safety: Our products can be hazardous if mishandled or left unattended. Placing them in a sturdy container helps prevent any potential fire hazards and reduces the risk of accidents. The bucket provides a controlled and secure environment for guests to access and use the sparklers safely.
  • Organization: It allows you to neatly store and distribute them to your guests. It keeps them in one central location, making it easier for guests to find and grab one when it’s time for the sparkler send-off or any other planned activity during the wedding.
  • Easy Access: Placing sparklers in a bucket makes them easily accessible to guests. It eliminates the need for individual packaging or handing them out individually; saving time and effort. Guests can simply pick them up from the container as they pass by.
  • Decorative Element: A bucket filled with sparklers can serve as a decorative piece, adding an elegant and festive touch to the wedding ambiance. You can choose a bucket that matches the wedding theme. Similarly, you can decorate it with ribbons, flowers, or other embellishments to enhance its appearance.
  • Prevent Accidental Fires: Sparklers emit sparks and can create small flames, especially when initially lit. Using a bucket with sand or water at the bottom can act as a fireproof base. If a sparkler accidentally falls or is dropped, it will be extinguished quickly; minimizing the risk of fire.
  • Easy Cleanup: After the sparkler activity is over, collecting and disposing of used ones becomes easier when they are already in a bucket. It helps contain the ash, debris, and burnt-out sticks in one place; simplifying the cleanup process.

Remember to exercise caution when using sparklers for weddings. Always follow safety guidelines and ensure you have any necessary permits or permissions to use them in your chosen venue. If you can follow the rules, you will likely have a fantastic event!

Ways to Use Sparkler Display Buckets at a Wedding

Image of wedding Flowers in a Display BucketEverything about planning a wedding is difficult. There’s no way around that. However, there are plenty of easy wedding planning tips that can help make life much easier. When it comes to using sparklers at a wedding, a high quality display bucket can work wonders. Here are 5 different ways to use sparkler display buckets at a wedding that you may not have considered.

Hold Sparklers at a Guestbook Table

One of the easiest ways to use them at your wedding is at your guestbook table. Simply fill the buckets with your chosen size of sparklers for easy distribution. Since every guest will stop at this table, it makes handing them out a cinch! For an added touch, consider slipping some sparkler tags on them for a decorative look.

Use Them as a Centerpiece

Centerpieces are a very common type of decoration at most wedding receptions. There are all sorts of options available including vases, jars, or even fish bowls. However, you can use sparkler display buckets at a wedding for this very same purpose! Just like placing them at your guestbook table, you can easily put them in the center of your reception tables. Not only will this make distribution easy, it will also add a cool look to your other decorations.

Use Them for Sparkler Disposal

One of the less considered ways to use them is as a receptacle for your used sparklers. Even if a sparkler appears to be spent, it can remain hot for a minute or two after the performance is done. So, it’s a great idea to have buckets of sand or water on hand for your guests to toss them into after your activity. These work great for this purpose, especially since the chalkboard sign will allow you to write a message on it.

Fill Them with Water for Safety

Similar to having a disposal receptacle, it’s always important to have water on hand in case of an emergency. Obviously, you should have a high quality fire extinguisher and other safety equipment on hand. However, these buckets work great to hold water in case there is a fire. As long as you follow the proper guidelines, this is a very unlikely scenario. However, it’s great to be prepared and it’s an easy way to use sparkler display buckets at a wedding.

Use Them as a Flower Vase

Lastly, you can use them for purpose completely unrelated to wedding sparklers with a little creativity. For instance, you can create beautiful floral bouquets and use them as the vase! I prefer to create sustainable arrangements using wooden roses so they can be reused. However, the buckets will have plenty of great uses throughout your home long after the last piece of confetti has been thrown.

Which Bucket Size Should I Choose?

Image of a 15" Inch Sparkler Display BucketOnce you decide how you want to use them, you need to choose the correct size. It’s pretty easy if you are using them to hold sparklers; pick an 11 inch sparkler display bucket for 20 inch versions and a 15 inch tall one for 36 inch versions. However, if you plan to use them for sparkler disposal, holding water, or creating flower arrangements, it’s best to stick with a taller 15 inch sparkler display bucket. Overall, you just need to evaluate your needs and make a decision based off that.

Where to Buy Sparkler Display Buckets

Luckily, if you already know where to buy wedding sparklers, they should also offer buckets. Most reputable companies will have a wide range of accessories in stock to complete the entire package. However, if you found a sparkler deal through a smaller company, there are still place to look. Consider shopping at discount stores like Dollar Tree or one of the larger big box stores. There are plenty of places that sell steel buckets, and nearly anything can work if you are in a pinch.

Is it Best to Use Sparkler Display Buckets at a Wedding or Something Else?

One of the biggest questions I get about how to use sparkler display buckets at a wedding is if there are better alternatives. Obviously, these are the best option for holding sparklers. However, it may be more appropriate to use a traditional vase if you plan to create floral arrangements or centerpieces. Additionally, a plastic bucket will be a cheaper container for holding sand or water. However, this choice will be rewarded with a beautiful display and an easy way to distribute things out your guests. If you want to see some great examples, check out our sparkler display bucket inspiration gallery.

In the end, only you can decide if a bucket is the right container for your needs. However, they are by far the most popular option for a variety of different reasons. Hopefully, I’ve explained all the possibilities and you can see the many benefits that you have at your fingertips. Good luck and I hope your wedding is amazing!