Your wedding is going to be a very busy day with lots of guests roaming around and you moving from activity to activity. All this chaos can create a few mishaps, even if you are a very diligent wedding planner. However, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself in advance to handle the most common types of wedding day mishaps that can quickly bring the party to a screeching halt. These 5 tips should help you prepare for the unthinkable on your big day and ensure that you have the supplies on hand to deal with anything the day or your guests might throw your way.

A Red Wine Spill

One of the most catastrophic things that can happen at a wedding is a red wine spill; especially if it ends up on your white wedding dress! To save the day, your assistant or maid of honor should have some stain removal wipes on hand. They need to be used as soon as the spill happens. These will usually do the trick for most types of wedding dress fabrics. Or, you can shop for a professional stain remover if you are really worried that this might happen to you. Either way, it’s a great thing to keep in your all-in-one wedding kit, to say the least.

Torn Wedding Dress

Tearing your wedding dress can be devastating at your wedding and will easily cause unnecessary stress on an otherwise happy bride. Unfortunately, you probably won’t have somebody on hand that can get you stitched up in a hurry. So, finding a speedy alternative to a needle and thread is very important. To prevent this mishap, you should have some double-sided fabric tape on hand to quickly fix the problem. But you don’t have use fabric tape; masking tape or a loop of duct tape can do the job as well. The good news is that this is a very common problem with a simple solution, so just don’t get discouraged!

Vertigo on the Altar

No matter how prepared you are to say your vows, you may find yourself getting lightheaded or struck with vertigo when you are on the altar. It’s not uncommon for your nerves to cause the room to start to spin or for you to feel nauseous. However, it’s important that you sit down quickly to gather your wits. Just in case this happens to you, you should always have a chair ready to fly into action up by the altar. That way, you don’t tip over in front of all your guests.

Image fo a Newlywed Couple Kissing Under an Umbrella in the RainSore Feet

One of the most common complaints brides have by the end of their wedding reception is that they have incredibly sore feet. Let’s face it; most wedding shoes are designed for style rather than comfort. However, if you are wearing a long dress you can get away with sporting some comfortable sneakers without anyone noticing. If that doesn’t work for your ceremony, you can always switch into something more comfortable for dancing at the reception. Remember, this is YOUR day and you want to be comfortable for the whole thing.

Raining on Your Parade – The Hardest to Prepare for Wedding Day Mishaps

After all the countless hours planning and preparing every detail of your wedding, the unthinkable happens: it’s raining on your special day. However, if you plan ahead with some umbrellas or other rain gear, you can keep yourself dry while you say your vows. Sadly, there’s not much you can do about the weather except try to stay dry. So, make sure you are prepared to do the best you can if Mother Nature throws her worst at you.