There are plenty of creative couples out there doing some really cool stuff with their wedding themes. We’ve seen gorgeous chic 1920’s weddings, rustic Western weddings, and frilly Renaissance weddings. You name the decade or book or pop culture property, and someone has done a wedding themed on it. And odds are it was great. It’s not uncommon to change the order of events for this type of theme, either. However, there are times when the wedding couple pushes a theme beyond the boundaries of good taste, or beyond what the average person can reasonably swallow, and they end up with one of the truly weirdest wedding themes. While these themes — all of which are from real weddings that actually happened–may have delighted the wedding couple, they definitely freaked out the squares.


Hunting-Themed WeddingSo apparently enough people want a hunting-themed wedding that there is a company that only sells camouflage-themed formal wear, complete with the safety orange sashes and crinolines. While we certainly understand that there are people who really like to hunt–really, really like to hunt, it does seem like an odd thing to combine with your wedding day. “We just killed a few small animals, darling, so let’s get hitched,” they seem to say. At least you get lots of cool pictures of the wedding party posing with rifles.

Cultural Appropriation

There isn’t just one example of this one, because it pops up far more often than it should. There’s the Catholic and Buddhist couple who had a full Jewish wedding, or the Caucasian couple from New Jersey having a Hindu wedding with Henna, belly dancing, and released several sky lanterns. We get that other culture’s traditions are super cool, but maybe take inspiration from them instead of incorporating them whole-hog with no regard for their heritage or the meaning behind them.


Cos-play, or the hobby of dressing like your favorite comic book or movie character to attend conventions, has been rising in popularity for the last few years. It’s a fun and harmless hobby, but you might be taking it a bit too far when your groom is dressed as Batman and the wedding party are X-men and other assorted heroes. And why doesn’t the bride get a costume, too? If you’d like to express your superhero allegiance at your wedding, we suggest going a little classier. But for those seeking the weirdest wedding themes, look no further.


Plenty of people around the world would rather not wear clothes if they don’t have to. If you’re one of those folks; then good for you and do whatever you like. But when you’re planning your wedding, do take a moment to think of all the guests who will be attending. Do they all want to see you naked? More importantly, do you need to see all of them naked? Especially your grandpa and grandma? It seems like the downsides are pretty steep, there.

Furthermore, clothing can actually protect you from various wedding aspects. For instance, if you have sparklers for weddings at your celebration, clothes can protect you from getting small sparks on your sensitive areas. You can make appropriate choices, but going nude is not only one of the weirdest wedding themes out there, it can also be hazardous.

Klingons Make the Weirdest Wedding Themes

There’s nothing wrong with a Star Trek wedding theme, per se. But we do have to question the wisdom of dressing in full Klingon regalia, complete with forehead prosthetics and brown face paint, just to tie the knot. It seems like one of those ideas you’ll be regretting when you’re thumbing through the wedding album with your children. But, for the right couple, its one of the weirdest wedding themes out there.

Let’s be real for minute here–when it comes to your wedding, you’re calling the shots. So you do you. But do keep in mind the boundaries of good taste, the comfort of your guests, and how you’ll feel about the ceremony in 15 years while you’re picking a theme.