Steampunk Wedding Necklace imagePerhaps you’ve been dreaming about the perfect fairy tale wedding ever since you were little. You’ll roll up to the cathedral in a horse-drawn carriage wearing a perfect princess dress, and after the ceremony you’ll waltz the night away in a ballroom draped with red velvet. And hey, if that’s your dream, you go for it. There’s nothing wrong with the super-traditional wedding in the slightest. However, if you’re not the fairy tale type and you’re looking for some inspiration for wedding theme ideas, here are a few to get you started.

Music Festival Theme

An outdoor wedding is great, and outdoor music festivals are great, so why not go for a music festival themed wedding? You can set up a stage for the ceremony and hire a live band for the reception. You could even encourage your guests to camp out the night after the ceremony–no need for designated drivers! Your invitations can look like concert tickets, and you can design your program to look like an old-school festival poster.

Hippie Wedding Theme Ideas

If the music festival theme doesn’t go far enough for the Bohemian in you, have a summer of love with a hippie theme. Think peasant dresses for the bridesmaids, patched denim for the groomsmen. You’ll want flowers everywhere, of course–particularly in a garland in the bride’s hair. This may also be a great opportunity to find uses for color sparklers at your wedding. Walk down the aisle to some Bob Dylan or Grateful Dead, and you’re sure to have a groovy ceremony.

Baseball Wedding Theme Ideas

If you and your partner are fans of America’s pastime, bring a baseball theme into your spring or summer wedding. You could even find a baseball diamond to host the ceremony–depending on your budget, you could go anywhere from a public park to a minor-league stadium. Put the groomsmen in matching baseball caps, and have the bride carry a catcher’s mitt instead of a bouquet. And don’t forget the peanuts and Cracker Jack for a mid-reception pick-me-up.

Themes Inspired by Video Games

If you spent more time playing with Mario and Luigi than you did on the ball field, an old-school video game theme might be more appropriate for your wedding. Let the world know that your player 2 has entered your life, and you’re ready for some co-op play. You don’t have to put the groom in Mario-style overalls, but some 8-bit ties would be a fun visual touch. And perhaps the bridal bouquet should be 8-bit as well? After the ceremony, rent a projector and set up a sheet for a screen. Then, you and your guests can take turns playing some of your favorite video games. It might be one of the most interesting wedding theme ideas you’ll come across.

Steampunk Wedding Theme Ideas

Are video games not enough of a nerdy wedding theme for you? Then go for a theme that combines a love of vintage sci-fi with a dramatic flair and a penchant for crazy costumes. Steampunk imagines a world where all the technology and fashion are derived from Victorian times. It harnesses technology grafted onto old-world charm. Think copper and brass, gears and clockwork, top hats and goggles. For the reception, go for an afternoon ceremony and play lawn games before settling down to a high tea.

When you’re planning and considering wedding theme ideas, don’t be afraid to let your creativity and personality shine through. If you and your partner share a defining obsession, odds are it can make for an engaging theme for the festivities.