There are many fun facts about weddings, and several of them are very interesting. From basic wedding knowledge to far out facts, it can be a challenge to get the right mix together if you are planning a wedding trivia game. Below, we have outlined 5 interesting facts about wedding for trivia games or bridal shower quizzes. These can serve as a great foundation for any wedding trivia game.

Average Marriage Age

According to a study conducted in 2000, the average age for a woman to marry was 24 years old. The average age for a man to marry was 28. These statistics follow the continuing trend of average marriage age going up, but it is expected to stabilize for the foreseeable future at is current rate.

Formal Weddings vs. Casual Weddings

As you might expect, most wedding today are still complete with formal attire and ceremony. A whopping 80% of brides choose to have a formal wedding, while the remaining 20% has either a casual ceremony, elopes, or stands before the justice of the peace.

Walking Down With Wedding SparklersNumber of U.S. Weddings per Year

The number of wedding each year in the United States has remained very stable over the least 20 years, ranging between 2.25 million and 2.4 million each year. This number is expect to stay very stable, but will likely continue to increase as the population grows in size.

Percentage of Wedding with Sparklers

Wedding sparklers are continuing to grow in popularity. Most states allow the use of sparklers, and many wedding venues will allow their use under safe circumstances. Though they are becoming more and more common, wedding sparklers are used at less than 9% of all US weddings.

Total Gold Used for Wedding Ring Each Year

Nearly every wedding ring in the United States has gold involved somewhere in the ring. Over 17 tons of gold is transformed into wedding rings each year in the United States. Many, many, more tons are converted into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other fine jewelry each year. Platinum is also a choice that is growing in popularity, but for the time being, gold is still the king when it comes to wedding rings and other fine jewelry.