Bridal Shower ActivitiesWhen planning a bridal shower, choosing which activities to do can be challenging. You want to make sure that you have more than enough bridal shower activities to keep your guests entertained for the entire gathering. While this task may seem overwhelming and tedious, getting a good list of activities together can be simple and quite fun. Below, we have outlined 5 fun bridal activities that will help you plan your bridal shower without too much stress.

Bride and Groom Trivia Game

Before the bridal shower begins, write down as many questions and answers about the bride and groom as you can. There are literally hundreds of things that you will know as either a friend or family member, so make good use of your knowledge! Depending on the crowd you’re expecting, don’t be afraid to get personal or even a little too personal – this is half the fun of a bridal shower!

Word Scramble

Make a list of 20 words that are associated with the bride or groom. You will want to hold on to this list, as it will serve as the answer key when it comes time to correct the answers. After you’ve compiled your list, make a copy and scramble up all the letters for each word (there are free apps that do this for you online). Now, make copies to give to all of your guests. Usually this type of game is timed, so figure out a time limit and let the games begin! Whoever gets the most words unscrambled correctly wins a prize or bridal shower favor.

Share Favorite Recipes

Sharing your favorite recipes is a great activity to do at your bridal shower. When you send out the invites for your bridal shower, include a small index card or a custom printed recipe card. Instruct the guests to fill it out with their favorite recipe to give to the bride as a gift. This is also a great opportunity to server cupcakes decorated with wedding sparklers or any other treats you may wish to serve your guests

Video of Memories

Another great bridal shower activity is to create a video of stories and fun memories to give to the happy couple. Setup a camera in an extra room and allow each guest some time alone. Instruct them to tell stories and share memories of days past, which will be fun for the guests and memorable when the couple watches the video later. Make sure everyone gets there chance, and remind them that the idea is to be as fun and as “way-back” as possible.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

This is a classic bridal shower activity! Break the group into 2 separate teams. Each team needs to pick a model, usually drawn from a hat to avoid any conflicts. Give each team 3 or 4 rolls of toilet paper and instruct them to dress up the model with everything they need as a bride. This includes the wedding dress, tiara, wedding bouquet, and anything else a typical bride would wear. Set a time limit, and when the time is up, the bride gets to judge which team has crafted the better toilet paper wedding dress.