Wedding favors are a great way to give your guests something that they’ll enjoy. However, often times couples choose useless trinkets that are cliché or unwanted by guests. The fact of the matter is that most of your guests don’t really need a bottle opener or a wine corker; much less do they need one in their drawer that has your wedding date etched into the handle. An emerging trend that is sure to please is edible wedding favors that are almost certain to be enjoyed by everyone at the reception.

The reason edible wedding favors are so popular is that they will be used the same day they are received; typically the moment the guests sit down at their table. By selecting a wedding favor that your guests can eat, it guarantees that the favors will actually be enjoyed rather than shoved into the back of a junk drawer never to be seen again. Here are 5 of some of the more popular choices of edible wedding favors. Hopefully, it will give you some inspiration for your wedding.

Personalized Fortune Cookies

Having personalized fortune cookies for your wedding reception is just like having regular fortune cookies; except the messages inside are specific to you as a couple with a romantic theme. Each cookie can contain up to three lines of text. Additionally,  the cookies are available in many colors to fit your color scheme.

Chocolate-Dipped Sandwich Cookies

We all know about America’s favorite chocolate and cream sandwich cookie, Oreos; but you can get them dipped in chocolate for your special day. You can choose from white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and more. Better yet, most confectioners can add sprinkles or other decorative touches to make them even sweeter.

Personalized Hot SaucePersonalized Hot Sauce

Not all edible wedding favors need to be sweet; in fact you can go the complete opposite direction with personalized hot sauce bottles. It is essentially the same premium hot sauce brand everyone knows and loves. The twist: the bottle features a completely customized label that can include any text and graphics you desire. Examples include your names, wedding date, and a picture from your engagement.

Gourmet Fudge: The Most Decadent of Edible Wedding Favors

Gourmet fudge is a classic treat that is devoured year-round; so why not offer it to your guests at your wedding reception? The best part about choosing gourmet fudge as your edible wedding favor is that there are literally hundreds of varieties from which to choose. You can even make them with peanut butter (though you may want to avoid that food at your reception for allergy reasons). This means you can get fudge that matches the look of your wedding and tastes as sweet as your feeling for one another.

French Crème Rolls

French Crème Rolls are little sheets of chocolate cake rolled up with delicious crème inside and dipped chocolate. There are several variations available such as flavored crèmes or different types of chocolate for the outer layer. However, any choice will ensure an elegant and delicious option as edible wedding favors for your guests.