48 Pack of 20" Wedding Sparklers image20″ wedding sparklers burn for about 1 1/2 minutes each. If you’re planning on having a wedding with between 25 and 50 guests, our 48 pack of 20″ wedding sparklers may be the perfect choice for you. This quantity will allow you to have enough sparklers for all of your 25-50 guests without having to spend a fortune on sparklers you don’t need. That’s why for this size of wedding, we offer the 48 pack of 20″ wedding sparklers.

Overview of 20″ Wedding Sparklers

While there are many things to consider, most people choose 20 inch wedding sparklers since they are the perfect combination of size and price. Buying the right amount of wedding sparklers is a delicate balance between not having enough and having too many. Nobody wants to blow their wedding budget on items they don’t need, that money could easily be spent other items to enhance your special day. This is why it’s so important to make sure your choosing the right size 20″ wedding sparklers package for your guest list.

Why Buy a 48 Pack of 20″ Wedding Sparklers?

If you’re planning on using your sparklers for a send-off line or in your wedding pictures, the 48 pack of 20″ wedding sparklers is perfect for weddings with 25-50 guests attending. This amount will ensure that all your guests can participate, plus you won’t have to worry about the sparklers being used up too quickly during the event. Or, perhaps our larger 288 pack is a better fit for you.

Overall, if you want a classic-style wedding and have around 100 guests coming, our 288 pack of 20″ wedding sparklers is the right fit for you. You can order them through our online shop by clicking here. Thank you, and we appreciate your business!