Cake sparklers are a great way to spice up any celebration. They are most commonly seen at birthday parties and anniversaries, but they are often used in restaurant industry, too. They can be used for special desserts to increase sales. However, they are also great for use at a wedding in a variety of different ways. Though each celebration is different, there are still several great opportunities that this product presents.

Using Cake Sparklers at a Wedding

Here are 4 ideas to help you decide if this item is a right fit for you. Whether you are planning a large or small wedding, they can be used to make it a more spectacular experience. Here is some inspiration to help you see what is possible.

Sparklers on a Wedding Cake imageCake-Cutting Ceremony

The most popular way to use cake sparklers at a wedding is during the cake-cutting ceremony. It’s a traditional activity when the bride and groom join hands and slice their confection together. Additionally, couples often smash cake into each-others faces for a fun photo opportunity. However, decorating the cake with sparklers can add a huge “wow” factor before the ceremony begins! Best of all, you only need a handful of them to make a really big impression.

Decorating Each Piece or Cupcakes

Similar to decorating the entire thing, another way to achieve a fun experience is to place one in each piece. That way, all of your guests will enjoy their own private show. This method also works great when you choose cupcakes or other non-traditional wedding desserts. However, it is also the most expensive option because you will need wedding cake sparklers for each guest. But if budget isn’t your primary concern, this is definitely the most dramatic way to use them.

Just the Head Table

For a larger display than during the cake-cutting ceremony yet still affordable, you can limit the use of sparklers to only the head table. Most wedding parties consist of 10 people or fewer, so it isn’t much more expensive than doing the “bare bones” version. Moreover, some couples choose a few special people like their parents to join in on the fun. Having the show spread throughout the room can add a really cool ambiance that will make a lasting impression on your guests.

Centerpiece Displays

Lastly, you can use a single cake sparkler in each of your wedding centerpieces for maximum coverage in your venue. Since most reception tables fit eight or more people, you can keep the number of items you need to a minimum while still creating the desired effect. However, getting them all lit at the same time can be a bit of a challenge. You’ll either need to delegate someone at each table to light it, or you’ll need to rent a wireless firework ignition system for absolute precision. Though it can be a bit more difficult than the other 3 ideas, the effort is completely worth it and it is still a very affordable option.

Other Uses for Cake Sparklers

As the name suggests, these sparklers are specifically designed to be used on cakes. They have a food-grade “spike” to securely hold them in place during their performance. However, there are a few other ways that you can use them that don’t involve desserts of any kind. Here are a few uses that most people would completely overlook.

Bottle Sparklers in Action imageChampagne Bottles

If you’ve ever seen the sparklers attached to bottles at a nightclub, those are exactly the same product! The only difference is that you need special clips to attach them to a bottleneck rather than just sticking them into a soft pastry. If you buy extras or just have a few leftover, this can be a great way to use them at your wedding.

Line the Aisle

Another cool idea is to use them to line the aisle at your ceremony venue. However, it can be difficult to get them all lit at the same time; so you may want to consider a wireless ignition system again. You can use the spike to stick them into the ground. Otherwise, you can use clips to attach them to poles higher up for a safer execution. Either way, it will illuminate your path to happiness!

Sparkling Bouquet

Another, more unorthodox, idea is to add them to your wedding bouquet for added dazzle! It can be a real show-stopper when executed properly, but great care is necessary. You want to have very moist and fresh flowers to avoid any kind of fire from starting. Items such as our wood roses are a poor choice because they can accidentally ignite from the sparks. For all of these reasons I can’t, in good conscience, recommend this idea. However, many brides have reported amazing results; so we had to include it by popular demand.

Other Types of Sparklers that Can Be Used on a Cake

Of course, many people are seeking alternatives to cake sparklers at a wedding. Whether you want something more specific or something less expensive, there are a few ideas that commonly float around. Here are some other types that have been tried along with the results you can expect if they are chosen.

Number Shaped

The idea of writing out the year or your wedding date with number shaped sparklers is not uncommon. In fact, it can lead to some of the best pictures in your whole scrapbook! However, they should be used for photo opportunities only. They are not designed to be used on edible items, so some brands can leave a harmful residue. Even if they are non-toxic, they can still leave the frosting looking ugly and burnt. If you want these photos, I suggest you take them quickly and remove them even faster.

Image of Regular Sparklers Placed Inside a CupcakeHeart Shaped

Similar to the number shaped option, something romantic like hearts is a popular consideration. However, they fall prey to the same pitfalls as their counterparts. Moreover, they actually perform much better when held in a hand. That means they can add a lot of dazzle to your candid photos instead of being wasted on a pastry.

Regular Sparklers

Lastly, traditional gold sparklers are by far the most obvious option because of their price. I’ll be honest; you can get a lot of them for a very small price tag. However, you’ll need a lot of them to get the same effect of just one cake sparkler. Though it may seem like a more affordable choice, in the end it can be more expensive. On top of that, you still need to contend with the other issues like burnt frosting. Overall, they just aren’t a good value for this purpose.

Whether it’s in a traditional or non-traditional way, using cake sparklers at a wedding can be a really great addition. They are a great way to make an already magical moment even more memorable. Just make sure you get the right product, otherwise you may regret your attempt to save money at the worst time possible. Good luck!