There are plenty of weddings today that require little or no decorating at all. The reasons can range from the location such as a garden aisle lined with flowers to a professional service being hired to take care of the decorating for you. However, many brides on a budget need to plan the design of their space alone. Initially, it can seem to be a large and daunting task. However, one of the most important and easiest areas to make a huge impact with too much expense is the wedding aisle decorations. Here are a few ideas so you can make sure your aisle really “pops” for when the bride makes her entrance and everyone is taking pictures.

Seat Bouquets

One of the easiest and most affordable decorations you can use to add some elegance to the wedding aisle is to attach small floral bouquets to the seats or pews. The most important thing when adding small bouquets to your seating is to choose something small that will blend into the décor and be the focal point in any way. The goal here is to accent the seating area, not overwhelm it color. Something as simple as one or two white and yellow carnations side together with a piece of ribbon can transform a regular seating are in to an area for viewing your wedding. If you are on a tight budget, consider choosing wooden roses or paper flowers as a reasonable alternative.

Aisle Runner

Image of a Runner for a Wedding Aisle Used as a DecorationIf you are having an outdoor wedding such as one on a beach or in the grass, an aisle runner is an affordable and beautiful way to add some flare to your décor. Whether you just use a roll of fabric to create a walkway or cover the path in rose and flower petals to give it a more dramatic look, aisle runners are simple and elegant at any type of wedding. For the best look, using white fabric with red flower petals on top. Overall, it will really add contrast to the aisle compared to the rest of the venue.

Sparkler Entrance

Using sparklers as a prop for the bride’s entrance is a really fun alternative to traditional decorations. Technically, they aren’t really “decorations” at all; but the result will be the same. As the bride is being announced, have your guests line the aisle holding lit sparklers. It’s similar to a wedding exit except you do this activity during the bride’s entrance. Since the walk to the altar is typically fairly short, 20 inch sparklers for weddings are the ideal choice. There’s really no need to choose a longer version.

Other Unique Ideas for Wedding Aisle Decorations

While seat bouquets and aisle runners are the most common and popular choices for decorating your wedding aisle, the sky is the limit and anything you can imagine is possible. Here are some more ideas to help set your wedding apart from the pack in both creativity and elegance.

  1. Paper lanterns are a fun and elegant addition to any wedding decorations. Hang them along the edges of the wedding aisle to create a great effect and light the pathway. If you want something that is reusable, consider choosing LED party lanterns.
  2. For a delicate look, you can line the wedding aisle with floating candles in clear vases filled with water. This is a particularly lovely effect for evening weddings.
  3. Using fresh flowers such as lilies or orchids, you can create a garland to string along your wedding aisle. The benefit here is that it will both look and smell amazing.
  4. Wedding signs are becoming very popular because of their easy customization and their low price. Additionally, sizes range from huge banners to small signs. Popular options say things like “kiss the bride” and “marry me”, and the possibilities are virtually endless. There are literally hundreds of great sign choices for weddings, so spend some time looking for the perfect fit.

Regardless of which wedding aisle decorations you choose, it’s about achieving the perfect combination. Seat bouquets, aisle runners, and other special touches will make your concept as perfect as the wedding itself. With a few small additions, you can make a huge impact at your ceremony!