Movies about comic book superheroes and animated princesses dominate the box office. The most popular sitcom on the air is about a bunch of nerds and their misadventures. The most popular drama is a medieval fantasy with knights and dragons. Star Trek has a new franchise and Star Wars is expanding theirs every day. There hasn’t been a better time in history to be a geek, and there’s no better time to look at geeky wedding themes. Though there are plenty of nerdy wedding themes out there, the geek crowd has been significantly overlooked. If you and your significant other have a geeky passion you share, here are a few ways to indulge it by including it in your wedding theme.

Renaissance Period

Huzzah! Take a step back in time with a Renaissance-themed wedding. Put your groomsmen in kilts and get the bride a corset-backed dress with petticoats galore. Then, have Friar Tuck administer your vows with plenty of “thees” and “thous” thrown in for good measure. Toast the couple’s happy future with mead instead of champagne, and serve your guests giant roast turkey legs for the meal. If your state has a vibrant Renaissance Festival, consider holding your wedding there. You’ll get a spring or summer wedding with that classic Renaissance atmosphere. Additionally, most RenFests have wedding packages that include catering and the services of the Festival’s entertainers. What better way to start your reception than watching a juggler tossing flaming torches as part of your Renaissance wedding theme?

Victorian Inspired

For a more upscale wedding theme, take a step not quite as far back in time for the opulence and class of the Victorian era. Play royalty for a day! Top hats and tails are a must for the groom and groomsmen. Victorian wedding dresses are decadent confections of layers and lace. Additionally, the bride can carry a parasol instead of a bouquet. White and pink roses make for dreamy decorations, and the reception meal should be served on china plates by impeccably-dressed wait staff. Bonus points if you can arrange for the wedding couple to leave the venue (or arrive) in a horse-drawn carriage with a footman! If achieved, it can bring it to a whole new level of geeky wedding themes.

Disney Theme

Image of a Disney-Themed WeddingYou grew up with Disney; you love Disney, you and your partner plan to honeymoon at Disney World. So why not have a Disney-themed wedding? Pick your favorite Disney movie and go all-out. As with a sci-fi theme, the trick is to be more suggestive than literal. The bride doesn’t have to be wearing a screen-accurate copy of Belle’s ball gown from Beauty and the Beast; a simple yellow dress will get the point across. Use those iconic colors, characters and themes to inform the decoration and dress. However, filter them through an abstracting layer of taste and restraint. Or, of course, go ahead and have the wedding at Disneyland in full costume; including Mickey and Minnie as your witnesses.

Science Fiction The Largest Pool of Geeky Wedding Themes

Sure, few things could be nerdier than a sci-fi themed wedding, but it can be done with class and panache. Don’t focus on a specific intellectual property: unless you live in a replica of the Enterprise’s bridge, don’t make it a Star Trek wedding, and so on. Instead, opt for hints of those things you love. For instance, a bridal hairstyle reminiscent of Princess Leia, or perhaps a groom’s suit that reminds guests of Captain Mal from Firefly. Similarly, “light saber” hilts discreetly tucked into your groomsmens’ belts in the form of LED sparklers could be a nice touch. Overall, keep it sleek and modern, white with hints of silver, and feel free to have a droid as your ring-bearer.

Geeks are in right now–but if you’re a true geek that doesn’t matter to you. You were a geek before it was cool, and you’ll still be one once it’s not cool any more. Sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration. If you and your significant other share in these pursuits, geeky wedding themes provide ample opportunity to indulge the desire to dress up and have fun. After all, aren’t all weddings about fantasy and dress-up?