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As our largest size for celebrations, these 36 inch wedding sparklers are ideal for couples wanting long lasting sparklers for send-off lines and photos. At 3 feet long, these provide plenty of performance time for any activity.

  • Our largest and longest lasting sparklers for weddings.
  • Sparkles in the color gold.
  • Lasts for approximately 3 1/2 minutes each.
  • Steel wire construction for a smokeless performance.
  • We suggest one 36 inch wedding sparkler per guest.
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Not only are our 36 inch wedding sparklers nearly twice as long as our 20 inch wedding sparklers, but they are also twice as thick as either our 10 inch or 20 inch sparklers. That means that the sparkle they create is more than twice as big and twice as long-lasting as its little brothers. With a sparkle time of over 3 1/2 minutes, they are the largest and longest-lasting wedding sparklers you can find anywhere.

These are the perfect wedding sparklers for the bride that wants plenty of picture time while they are performing. They also provide for a huge “send-off” experience, and create an extreme “wow” factor in your wedding photos. Additionally, they will make great memories for you and your guests! Our 36 inch wedding sparklers are steel wire, so they are smokeless.

How Many Do I Need?

Because each 36 inch wedding sparkler lasts approximately 3 1/2 minutes, you only need 1 or 2 per guest! You can buy wedding sparklers bulk via our full case or 1/2 case option, or by the box or half box. We also suggest using a torch or windproof lighter to make it easy to get them lit. These giants are 3 feet long!

Why Buy Our 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers?

Don’t buy leftover Independence Day sparklers for your wedding. Our beautifully packaged products are designed specifically for weddings. The elegant packaging for our wedding sparklers adds class and charm to your magical day, unlike traditional sparkler packaging.

Key Benefits of This Size

  • Long lasting – they stay lit for an average of over 3 and 1/2 minutes; and they are 3 feet long! Your wedding photographer will appreciate these long wedding sparklers!
  • Smokeless.
  • “Wow” factor! The bigger size makes for a bigger sparkle.

Best Uses for 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

There are many great ways to use 36 inch sparklers at a wedding, but their size and length make them ideal for certain situations. Here are the 3 best ways to use them to make your wedding more magical.

Send-Off Lines and Wedding Exits

If you are planning to use sparklers during your send-off line or grand wedding exit, the 36 inch version is the ultimate choice! With their extended sparkle time and extra-thick design, they are the longest-lasting sparklers you can buy. Additionally, with their long length, your guests can hold them high above your heads for added safety.

Use Them in Photos

Since they are such long wedding sparklers, they are less ideal for “air writing” in your photos. They can be cumbersome to wave around in the air. Instead, you can coordinate large group photos and use your 36 inch wedding sparklers as a backdrop. In fact, you can even hand them out to guests to be lit when you have your first kiss at the ceremony!

Place Them in a Vase

To display your items, consider placing them in a large vase wrapped with a ribbon. The tall stature of a floor vase allows your long wedding sparklers to be easily seen and accessed. Buckets and table vases typically won’t work because they are not deep enough. Remember, these are over 3 feet long! Consider placing the vase near your sign-in or guestbook table to easily distribute them to guests.

While more expensive than the smaller sizes, these 36″ wedding sparklers are the way to go. Guests and the bridal party won’t have to worry about lighting these up at just the right time, because the long “stay lit” time covers a lot of ground. It generally takes the Kentucky Derby winning horse to run the race in about two minutes time. Our 36 inch wedding sparklers last 75% longer than that!

*All of our items are considered “easy to light.” However, due to child safety laws and regulations, we suggest using a butane torch lighter or another lit sparkler for the easiest lighting experience.

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254 reviews for 36 Inch Sparklers for Weddings

  1. Charlie Pomance

    By far the longest sparklers I’ve ever seen. Very good quality, you won’t regret it.

  2. Hayley

    These sparklers are amazing! I ordered them for my brothers wedding a few years ago and loved them enough that I bought them for my own wedding this year! They lasted what seems like forever and we were able to get a lot of amazing pictures!

  3. Amanda Jammel

    Wedding Day Sparklers was one of the few websites to actually have my wedding exit sparklers in stock!! Thank you guys so much I am sure my special day will end with a SPARK!! :) They are very easy to navigate and have super fast shipping! I am so excited to watch my guests have so much fun with these sparklers. The best part is they are the 36 inch long ones so I know we will get great photos!

  4. Tamara Platt

    We ordered from this company for my oldest daughter’s wedding and we loved their exit. The sparklers were perfect. Now my 2nd daughter is getting married and we ordered from wedding day sparklers again. They are a great company and we received our sparklers promptly. We are looking forward to another spectacular send off after my 2nd daughter’s reception. Thank you Wedding Day Sparklers!!

  5. Samantha Watts

    Faster shipping than I get from Amazon. Holy smokes.

  6. Debra Jones

    Long and sturdy. by far the highest quality sparkler I’ve ever bought. Wish they made them like this when I was a kid!

  7. Rochelle S.

    Super impressive in every aspect. The minute you pick one up, you can just feel the quality. Definitely worth the extra money to get the best sparkler possible.

  8. Matthew

    Super fast shipping and was very well packaged. Good prices too.

  9. Lindsay Hall

    Such an easy process and the sparklers were AMAZING. So much better than the ones I’ve used at different weddings. I will recommend Wedding Day Sparklers any day!

  10. Billy

    Simply the best service. I can’t say enough.

  11. Wendi

    Biggest sparklers ever! Easy to light and easier to control than you’d think.

  12. Gladice L.

    Saw pics on Insta and wanted them at my wedding. 36 inches was the biggest I could find. Great experience and glad I found them!

  13. Richard D.

    Biggest sparklers I’ve ever seen. Great product.

  14. Rachel

    So happy with the customer service from this company. I accidentally ordered too many, and they updated the order instantly after a phone call. Very good company.

  15. Leo

    Fast shipping, great sparklers.

  16. Wally G.

    Best prices around. Worked as advertised.

  17. Clark Swanson

    I’ll never buy a different sparkler again. Super impressive and very high quality.

  18. Carlos Garcia

    Blazing fast shipping. Got here much sooner than I expected.

  19. Ava

    Fastest shipping ever!

  20. Tanner

    Massive. Can’t believe they are so cheap!

  21. Charlie H.

    Best sparklers I’ve ever used. Ever.

  22. Averly F.

    Blazing fast shipping and I like the size. These last about 4 minutes!

  23. Gary

    I am an avid fan of all types of fireworks, and usually sparklers don’t impress me anymore. I’ve used thousands of them in my life, and they are all pretty much the same. then I bought these and they blew me away! They are really long, but what’s most impressive is that they are very girthy and create massive sparks! Needless to say I’m pleased and will be ordering more.

  24. Madison

    Love that these sparklers burn so long, especially for wedding send-off photos!! I would definitely recommend getting the 36 inch ones!

  25. Trevor

    Great product.

  26. Connie W.

    Fast shipping and excellent quality.

  27. Sherry M.

    Cheapest prices and work fine.

  28. Cory E.

    What a wonderful addition to our wedding! So glad we found these and the prices are awesome!

  29. Annie M.

    Really speedy shipping.

  30. Michael H.

    Better prices than any other site and they are in really nice boxes.

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