36 Inch Sparklers for your Wedding imageWhen couples decide to have sparklers at their wedding, there is no size more popular than 36 inch wedding sparklers. A major factor contributing to this is that they are the largest size available. Furthermore, they are widely accepted to be the brightest burning sparklers that you can buy. So, 36 inch sparklers for your wedding yield better quality photos than any other size you will find.

More importantly, there are certain scenarios where 36 inch sparklers for weddings are the only viable option. Factors like the size of your wedding and how you intend to use them should guide you when choosing which size of sparkler you want to buy. So how do you know if 36 inch sparklers for your wedding are the right choice? Here are some key things to consider for making your choice as easy as possible.

The Size of Your Wedding

The first thing that will indicate these are right for you is the size of your guest list. Most couples will invite a few hundred guests or more to their wedding. Of course, that means you’ll be coordinating a lot of people all at once to light their sparklers and get into position. No matter how you plan to use them, choosing 36 inch wedding sparklers when you have 200 or more guests is essential. It will eliminate them burning out too quickly or you not having enough for your activity.

How You Will Use Your Sparklers

There are also certain uses for sparklers that require them to last longer and burn brighter. If you plan to use your sparklers for your wedding exit, having them last long enough is crucial. Only this very large size will last long enough for you to complete your wedding exit without your guests needing to light multiple sparklers.

Also, if you want great pictures of your wedding exit, they will burn brighter than other sizes. The extra large and bright sparks that these items produce are much easier to capture on film. Thus, your pictures will be much more memorable and vivid. Though smaller sizes of wedding sparklers will still show up in pictures, they won’t be as predominate without touch-ups. Sadly, edits give a false perception of what actually took place during your wedding exit, which is undesirable.

Other Benefits of 36 Inch Sparklers for your Wedding

There are other benefits of choosing 36 inch sparklers for your wedding instead of smaller ones. First off, they are by far the best overall value. Though they will cost you more up front than smaller sizes, the larger size will actually save you money compared to having your guests light multiple smaller sparklers.

Also, they are much more versatile in regards to fitting them into your wedding décor. 36 inch sparklers for your wedding can be dressed up by adding ribbons, sparkler tags, or displaying them in a bucket or vase without much additional labor. Smaller versions may fit easier into places like centerpieces, so they have a place. However, this really long style is your best choice if you want them to be a focal point in your wedding décor.

Overall, determining if 36 inch wedding sparklers is your best choice comes down to a few simple factors. If you are having a wedding with more than 200 guests, they should be your only choice. If you plan to use them during your wedding exit, they offer clear advantages over any other size of sparklers that are available. Take a moment to compare all of the benefits of 36 inch sparklers for your wedding compared to all of the other sizes available. It’s easy to see why they are the best selling option. It’s no wonder that they turn up at more weddings than any other size option on the market!

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