Choosing the proper length of sparklers for your wedding needs is very important. If you choose ones that are too long, they are wasteful and you’ll need to put them out prematurely. If you choose ones that are too short, they may fizzle out prematurely. Though the most popular size option, using 36 inch sparklers at a wedding is not always the ideal choice. Here are the best uses for them at weddings as well as a few times when they should be avoided.

Scenarios for Using 36 Inch Sparklers at a Wedding

36 Inch Sparklers at a Wedding imageHere are a few examples of when 36 inch wedding sparklers are the perfect choice for your celebration. This list is not exhaustive, but it will show you when their length can be beneficial rather than a hindrance.

Wedding Exits and Send-Off Lines

36 inch wedding sparklers are widely regarded as the best size for wedding exits and send-off lines. Their length makes them the safest option since you can hold them high in the air away from the bride and groom. Additionally, they last plenty of time to complete your exit or send-off with only needing to light one per person. Lastly, when comparing duration to price, they are the best overall value for this purpose as well.


Using 36″ sparklers at a wedding as part of your decorations is another popular choice. They look magnificent in a vase or decorated with ribbons. You can place them at your guestbook table or on each table in your reception hall. No matter how you decorate with them, their large size is a huge advantage for this purpose.

Large Weddings

36 inch wedding sparklers really shine when they are used at large weddings. Almost every activity that involves sparklers will take more time when you have a large guest list. With their large size and extended duration, that added time can make life a lot easier versus choosing a shorter option.

Scenarios to Avoid Using 36 Inch Sparklers at a Wedding

Though they offer several advantages, there are a few scenarios where choosing 36 inch wedding sparklers can actually be a detriment. In these cases, choosing another size of sparklers for weddings is better. Here are a few examples when they should be avoided.

Writing in Photos

Many couples choose to “write” words and shapes in their photos using sparklers. Using 36 inch sparklers at a wedding is not ideal for this purpose because they are too large and cumbersome to maneuver in the air. Choosing a smaller size such as 20 inch wedding sparklers will give you the extended burn time needed while still being easy to handle in the air.


If you plan to use sparklers in your table centerpieces, sometimes shorter is much better. Longer ones can make seeing across the table a nightmare for your guests. Also, you would need much taller vases if you choose a longer variety. The 10 inch version is widely regarded as ideal for use in table centerpieces versus 36 inch ones.

Photo Props

Whether you are having a photo booth rental at your wedding or you just want some great candid shots, using sparklers as photo props is a popular choice. However, using 36 inch sparklers at a wedding for this purpose would be an error. They last much too long for the fast-paced nature of candid pictures or photo booths. Choose a shorter option to save money and provide a better experience for your guests.

As you can see from the lists above, there are many things to consider when choosing the length of your wedding sparklers. Though buying the longest ones available may seem enticing, it can sometimes backfire. When couples choose to use 36 inch sparklers at a wedding, it should be for the right reasons. Make sure you balance out your needs and your available options before making a final decision. If you plan accordingly and make an educated choice, you can ensure a fantastic experience for both you and your wedding guests.

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