Safety is the most important aspect to focus on when choosing your sparklers. However, each size and shape requires a different attention to detail. For instance, shorter versions of our products are used quite differently from the longest sparklers available. So, there are obviously going to be things that apply more or less to each variation. Since many of our customers prefer the longer style, I’ve put together this quick guide on 36 inch sparkler safety. I’ll discuss basic safety guidelines, as well as situation-specific tips depending on how they are being used.

General 36 Inch Sparkler Safety Guidelines

Image og People Safely USing Sparklers at a Wedding OutdoorsBefore I get into the situation-specific considerations, it’s important to remind you of the basics. The following sparkler safety guidelines are applicable regardless of which version you are using. These rules should be followed no matter what, and are the bedrock of any safe experience with 36 inch products. Here are 5 things to follow strictly.

  1. Take the time to read the packaging. Follow all instructions printed on the box.
  2. Supervision is required by a competent adult. Never directly hand items to children under 8.
  3. Keep your items away from others during the performance. Horseplay is strictly prohibited!
  4. Do not carry sparklers in your hands or pockets. Always treat them as if they are lit.
  5. Glass and plastic containers are not suitable for storing our products.

Safety at Weddings

Weddings are a popular time to use our products, so that’s where I’ll begin. Usually, people use sparklers as props for their wedding exit. However, there are plenty of other ways to use 36 inch sparklers during a wedding. People need to make a decision between using their items indoors or outdoors, and that makes the biggest difference regarding safety. Here are some key considerations for each situation to help you stay safe.

Using Them Indoors

Using our products indoors can be very safe in practice, but you need to make special considerations. If you’re using 36 inch sparklers, then they should already be smokeless; so we don’t have to worry there. However, their long length makes accidents much more likely than while using smaller sizes. First, you need to make sure you have at least 6 feet of clearance above your head so you don’t bump the ceiling. Next, you need to make sure there is enough room to spread your guests out properly. With so many obstacles indoors, spacing is vital to ensuring 36 inch sparkler safety.

Using Them Outdoors

Using our products outdoors is always the safest choice to settle upon. Mainly this is because there are fewer obstacles so there is less likelihood of an accident occurring. However, spacing is still very important for a safe experience. Watch out for things like low-hanging tree branches that could create issues. Also, things like dry leaves or severe drought conditions should be considered carefully. Though there are fewer possible culprits, the chance of a major problem is actually a bit higher outdoors.

Champagne Toast

Another popular way to use our products at your event is during the champagne toast. Typically, people attach them to a bottle of champagne to captivate the audience before the big toast. However, traditional “stick” type sparklers like these are not suitable for this purpose. Instead, use champagne bottle sparklers to perform this activity correctly. This is very important, because using any other type can lead to some serious safety concerns in a hurry!

Safety at Birthdays and Celebrations

Image of Person Posing with Sparklers for a PictureThere are other popular events besides weddings where safety should be considered carefully. These events include things like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation parties. Usually, our products are used at these types of events for decorating cakes, attaching to bottles, or as props for interesting pictures. Here are some key safety sips for those scenarios.

Posing in Photos

Creating exciting photos is one of the most unique was to incorporate our products. Instead of goofy glasses, hand out a few sparklers and you’ll get some very memorable images! Additionally, 36 inch sparklers are great for being used as photo props. However, it’s best to limit it to one person at a time with this size. Unfortunately, their long length makes it difficult to maneuver them easily in groups. So, using them one at a time is crucial to proper 36 inch sparkler safety practices. If you simply must use more than one at a time, definitely choose a shorter version to be safe.

Using Them on a Cake

Overall, the most popular of all the ways to use sparklers at a birthday party or other event is on the cake. Whether it’s an anniversary or graduation, the same principle applies whenever cake is appropriate. These special items are designed to put into the frosting; very similar to putting candles on a birthday cake. As long as you are suing the specially-designed version for this exact purpose, it’s completely safe and fun for everyone!

However, some people consider using “stick” type sparklers instead of the special-tubular designed versions. Regardless of size, this can be a very dangerous decision. Moreover, it is particularly more dangerous with something as long as 36 inches! First off, you can put harmful toxins in your frosting by mistake. All sparklers should be safe these days, but you don’t want to risk that at all! Secondly, not all cake is strong enough to hold a traditional sparkler upright; especially very tall ones. If it tips over, you can have injuries, fires, and property damage in a hurry. In the end, it’s best to avoid it all together and buy the appropriate type of product instead.

36 Inch Sparkler Safety for Children

Safety is always most important when we’re considering our little ones. Children seem to enjoy using sparklers the most, but they are also the most susceptible to accidents. Obviously, supervision is required whenever kids are handling our products. However, particularly with really long sparklers, more steps need to be taken. The first option is to hold their hand and control the movements. This is the safest option for the younger participants. For those a little older, you can put a cup on their hand to act as a barrier. Just poke a hole in the bottom, slide the handle through, and your child will never come into contact with the open flame. Lastly, you cannot allow sword fighting in any capacity. It can be tempting when using 36 inch sparklers, but it is a huge mistake that can lead to serious injuries.

Overall, they key to 36 inch sparkler safety is to respect how long they really are. With so much reach available, you can easily hit things that seem to be far enough away. However, as long as you adhere to these guidelines, you can safely enjoy them as easily as any other version of our products. If you would like more information and hear about their many uses, checkout our ultimate guide to 36 inch wedding sparklers. Good luck and please be safe!