Get the Groom Involved in the Planning imageThough most of us would like to think that our partner will as interested as us when planning the details of our wedding, most of the time the Groom is not very interested in things like centerpieces and flower arrangements. Women usually just throw in the towel at the first sign of their fiancé seeming disinterested. Typically, they turn solely to their friends and family to help them get the wedding planning done. It can seem impossible to get the groom involved in the wedding planning!

However, if you play to his strengths there are many great ways to get the groom involved in the planning process. Below you will find 3 ways that should get you started. But make sure you explore other paths to his interests using what you know about his likes and dislikes. You may be surprised at how quickly he embraces helping you with every detail of the wedding planning. Possibly, he may even go out shopping for a good deal on wedding flowers and other “girly” things with you before too long.

Play to His Creative Side to Get the Groom Involved

One of the easiest ways to appeal to a man and get them involved in your wedding planning is to make him feel like his creativity is both wanted and needed. Try asking his opinion on things and uses phrases like “can I ask your opinion since you are so creative?”. Or perhaps “I know you have a good eye for this sort of thing. Can I get your honest opinion?”. By making the groom feel empowered and creative, you can usually get him involved in a timely manner. Soon, he will be offering up ideas of his own.

If He’s Handy, Get Him Building

Playing to his “manly” side is another great way to break the ice with his wedding planning involvement. Coming up with a few things for him to build or craft by hand can pique his interest almost right away. By telling the groom how cool you think it would be to show off some of is craftsmanship in the form of decorations or table centerpieces, you can trick his ego into being eager to help. You’re not trying to force him into anything or brainwash him in any way; but just nudging him into the right direction so he can see for himself how much fun planning a wedding together can be.

Put Him In Charge of Areas in Which He is an “Expert”

Finding certain aspects of the wedding that you can put the groom in charge of planning is another great way to get him involved instantly. This is much more than just picking out the groomsmen gifts! You can start with something that is very simple. For instance, choosing the type of draft beer that you’ll be offering at the open bar would work. Perhaps, you can work your way up to other tasks like finding a DJ or band to play the reception. You don’t have to give him actual control of any of these planning jobs. However, if he thinks he’s in control; he will at least start communicating ideas with you which is half the battle. Once you are working together on a couple of projects that actually interest him, he will be more open. Then, he’ll start giving his opinion on things that matter more to you.