Fairy Tale WeddingWhen it comes time for a bride-to-be to plan her wedding, she often thinks back to her childhood to the fairy tales she heard and read as a child. She can’t help but think of Cinderella and her Prince Charming, or of Snow White being woken by the kiss of a dashing prince. As she begins to plan her wedding, she begins to think of what she can include in her plans to make her wedding rise to the level of romance and love encompassed in a fairy tale. There are three things she should consider when reaching for a fairy-tale level wedding: horses, flair, and magic.

Horse and Carriage

The first thing to think of when planning a fairy-tale wedding is a horse and carriage. Being driven to her walk down the aisle in a horse and carriage causes every attendee at the wedding to look at the bride in wonder and awe, and the women think back to their own youth filled with fairy tales. Any wedding would certainly be memorable for people with the addition of a horse and carriage.

Wedding Flair

The second aspect of a fairy-tale wedding is flair. Two things can add extra flair to a wedding: wedding sparklers and wedding party poppers. Wedding sparklers are easy to add to any part of the wedding celebration, from the actual ceremony, to the reception, or even to the send-off of the bride and groom. Party poppers are another way to add flair to a wedding. Whether party poppers are used during the recessional, during the toasts, or at the send-off of the bride and groom, they are the perfect addition to add flair to a wedding.

Wedding Magic

The last aspect of a fairy-tale wedding is magic. The best way to accomplish this aspect is with sky lanterns. Imagine a hundred biodegradable sky lanterns being released into the sky at the same time. Wedding goers will stand in awe as they look up to see the sky lanterns light the sky. A wedding that includes sky lanterns is sure to attain a level of magic that rivals any fairy tale.

Any bride wants her wedding to be magical, memorable, and meaningful, such as to make her feel as if she is in a fairy tale. Adding a horse and carriage, wedding sparklers, party poppers, and sky lanterns will ensure that no one will ever forget the wedding that includes them.