A Mix of Flowers for Creative Wedding Centerpieces imageBeing part of the wedding industry, we often hear about fun and creative centerpiece ideas. They can sometimes help make to your reception tables more attractive and fun for your guests. While we obviously encourage placing wedding sparklers on each of your tables, some wedding are much too elegant for them to be part of the “official” centerpieces. With this in mind, we have made a list of 3 creative wedding centerpieces. These will complement the idea of using sparklers at your wedding and also look great on their own.

Using a Traditional Mix of Flowers for Creative Wedding Centerpieces

Certainly the most common and popular choice for a centerpiece is a mix of fresh flowers. Most people choose colors that compliment the reception decorations and wedding colors. Try mixing a variety of warm-colored blooms in an opaque white vase. You can typically get a nice looking centerpiece for your wedding reception tables that blend with nearly any style. A good choice is to combine common flowers like roses, tiger lilies, carnations. These less expensive blooms can achieve a beautiful look that isn’t too expensive. For a less expensive option, consider choosing wood roses instead of real ones.

Medical Glassware as a Centerpiece for Weddings imageUsing Flasks or Medical Glassware for Creative Wedding Centerpieces

While this approach is certainly not for everyone, you can create some excellent statement pieces and vast swatches of color throughout your reception hall using beakers, flasks, and other medical glassware. Simply buy a variety of different sized flasks and beakers and fill them ¾ of the way full with water. Add some food coloring in a variety of different colors to create a color explosion scattered throughout your hall. This may be little too “scientific” for some couples who are looking for a traditional or elegant style of centerpiece. However, it can be a fun way to keep your reception colorful and be creative in the process.

Make Wedding Centerpieces out of Vinyl Records imageUsing Vinyl Records for Creative Wedding Centerpieces

While not actually a “centerpiece”, using vinyl records as place mats on your reception tables is a cool and funky way to bring the concept of vintage into your theme. Also, with a little creativity, you could certainly do something more like a centerpiece with your records such as melting them into the shape of a bowl or vase to hold candy, flowers, or any number of wedding favors for your guests. The best part about integrating vinyl records into your centerpiece design, other than the fact that you can get them for next to nothing, is that they automatically transport your senses back in time with little to no effort; making them the ultimate addition to anyone looking for vintage-style creative wedding centerpieces.