20 Inch Sparklers for Weddings imageWhen it comes time to choose your wedding sparklers, the most popular size choice is 20 inch wedding sparklers. These are very commonly seen in wedding ceremonies, scrapbooks, and wedding photos due to their perfect size and burn time. Also known as #20 inch wedding sparklers, there are many benefits to using this length versus 10 inch wedding sparklers or 36 inch wedding sparklers. Below, we will cover many of the benefits and reasons to use 20 inch sparklers for weddings.

Why Choose 20 Inch Sparklers for Weddings?

While there are many things to consider, most people choose 20 inch wedding sparklers since they are the perfect combination of size and price. Our 20 inch sparklers for weddings last for over 1 ½ minutes, which makes them a great choice for situations where you want a fair amount of burn time without breaking the bank. Also, since they feature a steel stick instead of bamboo, our 20 inch wedding sparklers are smokeless and sturdy; making them ideal for your guests regardless of their age.

Importance of Burn Time

Since each 20 inch wedding sparkler burns for over 1 ½ minutes, you will be able to hand out one sparkler per guests for most applications without fear of them running out too soon. This can be really nice if you’re planning on having a sparkler sendoff line because they give you plenty of time to make your grand exit without the need to light more sparklers. There is nothing worse than having your guests’ sparklers burn out half way through the sendoff line. You may want at least one 8 pack for each guest. With our 20 inch sparklers for weddings, you get plenty of duration at a reasonable price.

Why Steel Sticks Instead of Bamboo Sticks?

We highly advise you avoid wedding sparklers that are made from a bamboo stick for the core. Bamboo sparklers are typically made very inexpensively, and you’ll find that you generally get what you pay for. With bamboo sparklers, the effect will produce much more smoke than steel stick sparklers. Also, bamboo sticks tend to smolder well after the sparkler is extinguished, making them a potential fire hazard if not disposed of correctly. Furthermore, with the adequate length of 20 inch wedding sparklers, the bamboo tends to be much more flimsy than steel stick sparklers.