Choosing the right sparklers for your event takes a lot of consideration. However, no aspect is more important than safety. There is a lot of debate about the best size sparklers for weddings, but ultimately it comes down to how you plan to use them. Most commonly, people choose a very average length for their celebration to balance cost and performance. So, I’ve decided to outline some 20 inch sparkler safety tips to cover the most requested information. Here’s what you need to know.

General Overview of 20 Inch Sparkler Safety

Image of People Safely Lighting Wedding Sparklers IndoorsBefore I get into specific scenarios, it’s important to go over the general safety guidelines that apply in all situations. Remember, your common sense is the best tool in your arsenal; but these bullet points should serve as a great roadmap. Please read through them an take them to heart before your celebration.

The Basics

  • Read all the packaging and follow the instructions exactly as printed.
  • Supervise all children when they are using sparklers.
  • Children under 7 should never be allowed to use fireworks of any type.
  • Never use alcohol or other mind-altering substances when using fireworks.

Proper Lighting Techniques

  • It’s always safest to use 2 people when lighting our products.
  • Always use a high quality torch to light your sparklers. Matches and other one-time-use items are time-consuming and dangerous.
  • Hold the item away from your body while you ignite the tip.

Safe Handling and Disposal

  • Always store them away from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight for the best results.
  • Avoid touching the part of the sparkler that contains the pyrotechnic compounds.
  • Place your spent wire handles in a bucket of water or sand to ensure they are completely extinguished. After about 5 minutes, they are safe to discard.

Wedding-Specific Safety Tips

Now that we’ve covered the basics, I’d like to talk about a few safety concerns that are specific to weddings. There are several activities that are extremely popular for this type of celebration. So, pointing out 20 inch sparkler safety tips that specifically relate to weddings makes sense. Here are the most important things to consider heading into your big day.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Wedding

There are a lot of planning differences between an indoor and an outdoor wedding. Obviously, concerns such as the weather are probably going to be at the top of your list. However, choosing between the different sizes of sparklers will also matter. If you are having it outside, you can choose whatever size you want. Conversely, you should never use a version longer than 20 inches at an indoor event. If you go any longer, you can accidentally bump into things and create a very dangerous situation.


Sendoffs are by far the most popular way to use a sparkler at a wedding. Each of your guests lineup to create a path, and they “send you off” using sparklers to illuminate the way. Whether it’s happening inside or outdoors, you never want to choose a version that is too short. It takes a lot of time to get everyone into place, get lit, and execute the sendoff. I like the 20 inch length the best for this activity, but you can also use 36 inch long ones if you have a lot of guests. Either way, keeping a safe distance between guests is crucial.

Writing in Photos

Creating shapes, words, or even your wedding date in your photos is possible with the help of some quality sparklers. It may take a few tries, but you’re almost certainly going to love how they turn out in the end. However, it’s extremely important to choose the right length so they last awhile but are still easy to handle during the photo shoot. In my experience, 20 inch sparklers are the safest and easiest to use option on the market.

Champagne Toasts

Champagne toasts are a popular time to use our products. However, it’s really important to purchase the right type. At the end of the day, bottle sparklers are the only version that you can safely use for this activity. All too often, I hear about people trying to use a traditional “stick” version instead with poor results. In some cases, people even end up with injuries! Remember, the most easily avoidable 20 inch sparkler safety hazards involve choosing the right products for the job. Do your research and buy the right item; you’ll have better luck and a safe experience.

Safety Guidelines for Birthdays, Holidays, and Other Events

Image of 20 Inch Sparklers Being Used as Photo PropsOf course, weddings aren’t the only time people use our products; there are lots of other occasions that are a perfect fit as well! From birthdays and holidays to anniversaries and graduations, here are some 20 inch sparkler safety tips to keep your event fun and incident-free.

Cake Decorations

One of the most memorable things you can do at your event is to replace the normal candles on the cake with sparklers. This concept is most popular for birthdays and anniversaries, but you can do it with any dessert on a holiday as well. However, similar to champagne toasts, it’s important to get the right version. You need to buy special sparklers designed for cakes instead of the normal “stick” type you have in your 4th of July stash. Regular versions will discolor the frosting and leave a bad taste, and can be dangerous. By choosing the right design, you can get all the enjoyment of a safe show and still have a delicious cake.

Surprise Party

Hosting a surprise party is a popular choice for birthdays and anniversaries. Usually, people hide until the guests of honor arrive. Then, they jump out and yell “surprise” to startle the unsuspecting subjects. However, you can easily swap in other items to make the excitement palpable! Items like confetti or party poppers have been used for years, but sparklers are also making an appearance on the scene. It may not be right for every scenario, but it’s a fun option that you have in your tool belt. Just make sure to stay safe while hiding with your items!

Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal parties have grown in popularity a lot over the last decade. Though some people are offended by them in recent years, they are still a classic way to celebrate an upcoming baby. One of the coolest ways to pop the news is with gender reveal sparklers that perform in a specific color. However, people can get too excited at such events, so you need to cover some safety tips before you let your guests go wild. This should be a day of celebration; not a day for a trip to the emergency room in an ambulance.

Fun Favors and Photo Props

Lastly, a lot of people hand them out as party favors to be used throughout the event. Whether they’ll be used randomly or in group photos as a prop, you need to be safe. Cramming people together for photos can be dangerous if carelessness is involved. Similarly, you don’t want a bunch of teenagers running around the yard “sword fighting” with lit sparklers. Make sure you hand them out to responsible people that know how to act intelligently. By staying vigilant and making smart choices, your event will be safe and fun.

20 Inch Sparklers Safety for Kids and Young Adults

When it comes to safety, children are always our top priority. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, all parents know that supervision is a must. And, when it comes to 20 inch sparkler safety for kids, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Children have a bad habit of getting distracted while running around the yard. Unfortunately, when holding a lit sparkler, the result can end up being very bad. However, if you provide ample supervision, children can use sparklers safely at an event; even at a wedding! Just make sure to use good judgment on age and to educate them ahead of time. That way, they’ll understand what they’re doing and respect the device they’re holding.

 When you balance out all of this information, 20 inch sparkler safety comes down to paying attention. If you’re checked into the activity, accidents almost never occur. Additionally, choosing the right version for your needs will go a long way towards eliminating unexpected hiccups. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out our ultimate guide to 20 inch sparklers for weddings. Good luck and remember to make safety your top priority!