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Our 18 inch neon color wedding sparklers are the most colorful sparklers you’ll ever see! Each sparkler is bursting with color that will make your wedding spectacular.

  • The most colorful sparklers for weddings anywhere.
  • Sparkles in vibrant blue, white, green, yellow and red colors.
  • Lasts for approximately 1 1/2 minutes each.
  • Because of the color pigments, these are not a smokeless wedding sparkler.
  • We suggest two-three 18 inch neon colored wedding sparklers per guest.
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Our 18″ neon colored wedding sparklers will be all the rage at your celebration! Unique, colorful and extremely entertaining, you’ll light up your wedding night with these one-of-a-kind colored sparklers for weddings.

This item is 18 inches long and packed with all types of pyrotechnic effects. Each sleeve is “overflowing” with 5 super-bright, glowing neon hues. Moreover, each sleeve contains one each of Blue, White, Green, Yellow and Red items. Because of the special colors these produce, they are NOT smokeless and should only be used outdoors.

How Many Do I Need?

Each 18 inch neon sparkler lasts approximately 1 1/2 minutes. For weddings with over 100 people, plan on having 2-3 per guest.

Why Buy Our 18 Inch Neon Color Sparklers?

Many couples decide on a colorful option, and the brightest option by far is our neon version. Mainly, they last much longer and create much more vivid colors than our 10 inch color sparklers; and that means they work for many more purposes. Additionally, they are the perfect length for send-off lines of 100 guests or less!

Benefits of Colored Sparklers for Weddings

  • The brightest colored sparklers for weddings anywhere.
  • Perfect for outdoor wedding celebrations.
  • Sparkles in vibrant blue, white, green, yellow and red colors.
  • Sparkles for approximately 1 1/2 minutes each.

Best Uses for 10 Inch Color Sparklers

There are many great ways to use our 18 inch neon color sparklers at a wedding. However, with their added length and brighter colors, they are perfect for certain activities. Here are the 3 best ways to use them to make your outdoor wedding a much more colorful experience.

Outdoor Weddings

These are perfect for outdoor weddings! These work fantastic in outdoor photos, and the colors really come through nicely in the pictures. However, though colored sparklers are much more festive than gold ones, that added color produces extra smoke. Therefore, we always advise couples to only use these outdoors.

Send-Off Lines (Outdoors Only)

Most couples choose gold wedding sparklers for their send-off line or grand exit, mainly because they are considered smokeless. However, if you are having your send-off outdoors, our neon colored sparklers for weddings is an excellent choice! They will sparkle for around 1 ½ minutes, and that’s plenty of time for you to make your exit at weddings with around 100 guests. We do not recommend using these for indoor send-off lines because of the smoke they produce.

Centerpieces and Decorations

Sure, can use almost any of our products in your table centerpieces. However, nothing catches your eye better than our neon colored sparklers for weddings! Not only are they colorful and beautiful as they sparkle, but they are also beautiful in your centerpieces. Simply place several of them in the vase along with a few flowers and you have a simple and effective sparkler centerpiece.

No matter how you plan to use them at your outdoor wedding, our 18 inch neon color sparklers are the best choice. If you want the most colorful option possible at your wedding, look no further than these.

Additional information

Package Size

Full Box (40 Sparklers), Full Case (275 Sparklers)

29 reviews for 18 Inch Neon Wedding Sparklers

  1. Viginia H.

    These neon sparklers are incredibly colorful and fun to watch at night. They are by far the richest colors I have ever seen on a sparkler, and each pack has a variety of eye-popping colors. Super cool!

  2. Janet Clinky

    The name says it all with these sparklers, neon! Great prices, fast shipping, and the most colorful sparklers I have ever seen. Excellent item!

  3. Pamela Stenson

    I ordered a full case of neon sparklers for my wedding and they arrived only 3 days later. What a great company to process orders so quickly and still have the lowest prices and largest selection online.

  4. Chloe J.

    After reading the description, I excepted these sparklers to be pretty colorful; but these are insane! I was completely unprepared for how much color they have, and I was very impressed.

  5. Liza

    I ordered a case of these neon sparklers at the last minute for our wedding and they came in only 3 days. Very impressed and they saved the day.

  6. Cecilia

    I have seen and used a lot of sparklers in my life, but these were the brightest and most colorful I have ever seen. They also lasted a very long time.

  7. Tiffany Carroll

    Wow these are colorful! I have never seen any other sparklers put out the types of colors these did, plus they burned for quite a long time. Loved them!

  8. Linda T.

    The colors these neon sparklers produced were really crazy! It totally caught me and everyone else at our reception off-guard; you truly have to see them to believe them.

  9. Fiona J.

    When I bought these sparklers, I assumed that they would only last for a short period of time like the sparklers I get for the kids around the 4th of July. Let me tell you, these neon sparklers make amazing colors and they last for over a minute and a half! The colors stay rich and vibrant throughout the entire time the sparklers are burning, and the kids had a really great time using them outside at my reception. The only problem now is that the bar has been set very high for quality and color so it looks like we have to buy this brand of sparklers from now on. Oh well!

  10. Loretta C.

    We wanted to use confetti for when we left our reception hall after our wedding, but the venue said that would make too big of a mess. I did some research and found out that wedding sparklers are a popular alternative, so I decided to order the neon color sparklers. They were super colorful, lasted plenty long for us to exit, and the guests really enjoyed them. If you are on the fence about buying sparklers, just do it; you will NOT regret it.

  11. Randi S.

    These have such bright colors, I thought I would need to wear sunglasses! Wow does not even begin to describe the factors that these neon color sparklers have to offer, and I can tell you that you will likely be as impressed as I was. Fast shipping too.

  12. Kim J.

    CRAZY colorful. Never seen anything like these. Kids absolutely loved them.

  13. Jacob R.

    My son absolutely loves sparklers, so I wanted to get him something extra special for his 10th birthday. I found these neon colored sparklers on the internet, and this site had the best prices. They don’t carry them locally, so online was my only option. Awesome colors and a very happy boy! I certainly recommend them.

  14. Leroy W.

    Cool colors and fast shipping. Happy I bought them.

  15. Simon

    Best sparklers I’ve ever used. Very happy with my purchase.

  16. Kevin

    Be prepared to shield your eyes, these babies are bright! Kids couldn’t stop talking about them.

  17. Anthony J.

    Such a cool sparkler. It takes you by surprise, trust me.

  18. Tiffany C.

    My head is still spinning by how colorful these were. Such amazing wedding pictures!

  19. Christopher K.

    Really great, but remember they make a lot of smoke. I took the time to read everything so I knew, but it is more than you’d expect.

  20. Donna W.

    Very colorful and last a long time. Shipping was fast too.

  21. Isabella R.

    So much color it’s like looking at a rainbow!

  22. Annamarie L.

    These make a lot of smoke, but you get some wicked crazy colors as a trade-off.

  23. Icy V.

    The word “neon” doesn’t really do these justice. I’d say fluorescent makes more sense because the colors are so wild and in your face. Very cool.

  24. Charlie H.

    ***K YEAH!

  25. Craig K.

    Very bright colors that will leave you speechless.

  26. Danielle F.

    Kids really loved these.

  27. Anjanette Alexus

    Beautiful colors.

  28. Garrett W.

    These are my all time favorite sparklers.

  29. Adam C.

    Long lasting and super colorful. Fast shipping.

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