When you decide to have sparklers at your weddings, it’s much more encompassing than just buying the major components. Beyond the obvious, there are several different accessories that compliment wedding sparklers that most couples purchase. Ideally, you want your presentation to fit into the other aspects of your big day, and display buckets are one of the easiest ways to accomplish that. However, with two sizes available, comparing 11″ vs 15″ sparkler display buckets can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, I’ve made it simple with this comparison guide.

It’s easy to get distracted from buckets with all of the other great accessories that are available. Sure, you can dress up your sparkler with tags, holders, or other trinkets, but the vessel they are presented in matters. Here’s a breakdown of each display bucket size that we offer, as well some of the other variations that are available. By heading this guide, you will be able to choose the bucket size that is best for your needs.

Should I Choose the 11” Buckets?

Image of an 11” Chalkboard Sparkler Display BucketOur 11” display buckets are perfect if you want to use 20 inch wedding sparklers. You can use them for other purposes, but that is their best use. Here are the pros and cons of choosing out 11” buckets.


11” buckets and 20” sparkler pair perfectly together.  Each bucket holds 25 of them comfortably; but you can fit up to 50 if you really want to squeeze them in. Additionally, you can use them for our 10 versions; you just need to put a base of pebbles or aquarium gravel in the base to add some height. Overall, they are the best choice for the short-to-mid sized products that we carry.


Unfortunately, our 36 inch versions are much too long to stand up correctly in the 11” bucket. No matter how much base material you add, the thin wire handles and their length make them tip over every time. If you are choosing an item over 20 inches in length, the 11” bucket is not the right fit for you.

Should I Choose the 15” Buckets?

Image of a 15" Inch Sparkler Display BucketOur 15” display buckets are perfect if you want to use 36 inch wedding sparklers. You can use them for other purposes, but that is their best use. Here are the pros and cons of choosing out 15” buckets.


If you are using 36” sparklers, our 15” buckets are the perfect fit. Each display bucket can hold up to 50 items, but they accommodate 25 much more comfortably. I suggest adding weight to the base to keep them steady despite the taller design of the bucket.


Sadly, shorter versions of our products are too short for this size to be practical. Sure, you could build up the base to make our 20 inch sparklers for weddings more visible; but it is still a difficult situation. Our 15” buckets should only be selected if you plan on filling them with 36” sparklers.

Chalkboard vs Plain

As you may have noticed, we only stock the “chalkboard” version of buckets. First, they are the most versatile since you can turn the bucket and eliminate the chalkboard all together.  Second, the chalkboard allows you to write whatever message you like; which makes them more versatile by definition! Whether you want a message or not, our buckets can accommodate that choice, Moreover, you can display any message you choose if you decide to go that route. Any way you look at it, they are the best option!

Alternatives to Choosing Between 11″ vs 15″ Sparkler Display Buckets

If deciding proves too difficult, or it just doesn’t fit into your wedding theme, there are other options. Luckily, there are several other “vessels” that work wonderfully for this purpose! Here’s a shortlist to give you some ideas.

  • Vases
  • Mason Jars
  • Old Beer or Soda Cans
  • Baskets
  • Stick Them in a Styrofoam Ball

Overall, the decision between 11″ vs 15″ sparkler display buckets comes down to the size sparkler that you are using. If you are using 10” or 20” versions, then our 11” bucket is the best fit. Conversely, if you choose the 36” version, our 15” bucket is the logical choice. As long as you select the correct bucket based on your size choice, you can ensure a prefect display that everyone will remember.