Centerpieces are a major statement piece for any celebration. However, spring wedding centerpieces are particularly important to get just right. Since most couples utilize the beauty of nature for their core of their design, it falls onto these small touches to really add cohesion to the entire theme. Sadly, that also puts the massive onus of finding the perfect design squarely on your shoulders. To help, I’ve put together this list of ten spring wedding centerpieces that will fit nearly any budget. It covers a wide range of items from sparklers to candles to give you a complete set of options. Hopefully, it will help you achieve your objective. Enjoy!

Short Spring Wedding Centerpieces to Promote Interaction

Image of Short Wedding CenterpiecesChoosing a short design for your centerpieces is a popular choice when you want to encourage dialogue between your guests. The idea is to add some flair to your tables while not making it difficult to see the people across from you. Usually, this means going a bit wider than most people originally consider with their designs. To help, here are five spring wedding centerpieces that are easy to build, affordable, and won’t block the conversation.

Mason Jars

One of the most important aspects of creating the perfect design is choosing the right container. If you are trying to keep your creation short, one of the best options are mason jars. First off, they are readily available at any grocery or department store. Second, they are very affordable for what you get. Lastly, they are a great vessel for almost any accessory you’d like to include in your centerpiece. If you don’t like the way they look, you can substitute a short vase from Dollar Tree instead. However, you should still try to find an option that is roughly the same size as a mason jar.

Votive Candles

Candles are another staple in the realm of centerpiece design, and they can add a lot of style to your presentation. When trying to keep things short, the best option by far is to utilize votive candles. They only stand about an inch tall, and the flame is the effect that you are really focusing on. Additionally, you can get a large bag of them for only a few dollars at most stores. Sure, you could go with candles that stand 6 or 7 inches tall instead; but votive candles are cheaper, easier, and create the same impact.

Short Sparklers

Sparklers are used quite often in spring wedding centerpieces in a variety of different ways. Typically, they are mixed in with other items as an accessory that can double as a party favor. However, some people opt to make them the main attraction and essentially create a “bouquet”. If you want to keep them short enough to allow conversations, I always suggest either 10 or 20 inch sparklers for weddings as your chosen length. Not only will they keep the line of sight intact, but they are also much more affordable than other options on the market.


Candy is another great option for a cost-effective design that your guests will adore. Some people spread them around the table to create a “busier” look. However, you can easily fill your mason jars or small vases with hard candies to make them a standalone solution. I like to mix in things like peppermints and tootsie rolls for a nice variety that everyone will enjoy. Additionally, consider adding a few flowers to make the design really pop. Whether you go with all candy or a mix of other items, it’s certainly the sweetest option I’ve included on my list.

Create a Table Runner

The last tip I have for short spring wedding centerpieces is to go extremely wide. Most designs require some height to make a statement. However, designs like a table runner will create a big look by covering a lot of surface area instead. Think of small bouquets lined up next to each other spanning the entire length of the table. This concept works best for rectangular reception tables so that people still have space for their dinner plates. However, there are also variations for square or round tables if that’s what you have to work with.

Tall Spring Wedding Centerpieces to Make a Statement

Image of Tall Wedding CenterpiecesConversely, some people prefer the grandeur of having a massive statement piece in the center of each reception table. This concept works best for small round tables since it’s easier to chat with your neighbors. Additionally, choosing tall spring wedding centerpieces can transform your space in a very big way without needing too many other decorations. Here are five ideas to help you choose the look that will fit your wedding theme the best.


Vases are the ideal choice if you really want to make a big statement with your centerpiece designs. They come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to accommodate any them you can imagine. Additionally, they provide the ability to use flowers that have extremely long stems like roses or tulips. There are certainly other items you can use instead of vases like galvanized steel buckets or coffee cans. However, vases are to go-to choice if you want everything to jive in just the right way.

Large Floral Bouquets

One of the easiest and most impactful options for tall spring wedding centerpieces is a large floral bouquet. Typically, people choose flowers with long stems like roses or tulips for these types of displays. However, if you are trying to save money, you can opt for paper or wooden flowers that will look just as beautiful without the price tag. Either way, you should make sure to pick a vase that will make a big statement and match the rest of your wedding decorations for the best results.

Tall Sparklers

I mentioned sparklers before, but you can also use them for tall spring wedding centerpieces, too! Instead of a mason jar or a bucket, you’ll want to use a very large vase. Additionally, the size that you choose will also be different. Ideally, you’ll pick very long sparklers that are nearly 3 feet long. That way, they rise above the people and other decorations in the room to be highly stylized and visible. Then, just add a few tall flowers or pussy willows and you have a simple and cost-effective design that’s sure to be noticed.

Taper Candles

Candles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but there is no version more elegant than taper candles. You may not know them by name, but these are the tall and skinny type that you see at formal dinners. There are also plenty of candlesticks that sit a foot or more off the table to showcase the design even more. If you want a combination of fire and height for your tables, taper candles are a great place to start.

Hanging Centerpieces

Last, but certainly not least, is one of the more unusual spring wedding centerpieces I’ve seen in action. Instead of a normal container like a vase, bucket, or jar, you can actually suspend your creations from the ceiling for a very notable presentation. Consider using something like a chandelier to hang over each table and decorate with flowers or other items. Similarly, you can opt for something like a sky lantern to hang for a ready-made solution. No matter what you choose to use, hanging your centerpiece is a unique way to draw a lot of attention to your decorations.

Which Centerpiece is Right for My Wedding?

In the end, you should always use the option that fits your venue and needs the best. If you want people to interact with each other, you should always choose a short design. If you want to make them the main attraction for your decorations, a taller design will capture much more attention. Adding the right accessories like sparklers in your spring centerpiece design can really bring continuity to the entire theme. I hope you found some of my ideas helpful and you’re now inspired to create something that is uniquely your own. Good luck and enjoy your celebration!