10 Inch Sparklers for Weddings

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There are two different type of 10 inch sparklers available; 10 inch wedding sparklers and 10 inch color sparklers. The main difference between these two types of sparklers for weddings is that the traditional sparklers burn gold while the color sparklers burn in a choice of different colors. This gives you several options for colors, but can also make choosing your 10 inch wedding sparklers a little more daunting. Below, we will cover some of the benefits of each and where you can buy 10” wedding sparklers.

Benefits of 10” Wedding Sparklers

10 inch wedding sparklers are a dazzling addition to any sendoff line, or when displayed in a vase in the center your tables. Mix them up for a unique and useful centerpiece. Also, their affordable price allows for plenty of wedding sparklers for your money. When used for the sendoff line alone, 10 inch wedding sparklers are quick to light and create a perfect sendoff experience that will leave wedding memories that last forever. Our 10 inch wedding sparklers are steel wire, so they are smokeless.

Benefits of 10” Color Sparklers

10″ color sparklers are the perfect way to add some fun and color to your wedding day. Available in 3 colors; red, blue or green, these sparklers burn with tints of the color you choose. While traditional wedding sparklers come in a more decorative box, 10 inch color sparklers offer a wider range of color choices to match any wedding décor or preference. Our 10 inch color sparklers are steel wire, so they are smokeless.

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