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Our 10 inch color wedding sparklers are perfect for couples looking to add a splash of color to their celebration. Available in your choice of red, blue, or green color options.

  • Our most affordable color sparklers for weddings.
  • Sparkles in tints of red, blue, or green colors.
  • Lasts for approximately 30-45 seconds each.
  • Because of the color tints, these are not a smokeless wedding sparkler.
  • We suggest five 10 inch color wedding sparklers per guest.
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Our dazzling 10″ color sparklers are the perfect way to add some fun to your wedding day. Available in 3 colors; red, blue or green, they create tints of the option selected. While our traditional wedding sparklers come in more decorative boxes, these 10 inch color sparklers offer a wider range of color choices to match any wedding decor. Because of the color tints, our 10 inch color sparklers are NOT considered smokeless.

How Many Do I Need?

Each 10 inch color sparkler will last approximately 30-45 seconds. Plan on having at least 5 color sparklers per guest to prevent a sendoff line with guests who have used all of their favors too soon.

Why Buy Our 10 Inch Color Sparklers?

Traditional wedding sparklers create gold colored sparks, but some couples want something more colorful. Whether you want to coordinate with your wedding colors or just want to add some variety, these will do the trick. Their high quality design and affordable price make our 10” color sparklers the perfect option for your celebration!

Benefits of 10 Inch Color Sparklers for Weddings

  • Available in 3 colors; red, blue, and green.
  • Easy to handle for kids. The smaller size of these make it easier for smaller hands to handle.
  • Steel wire handle that stays cool to the touch.
  • High quality materials – like all of our products!
  • Our least expensive colored sparklers.

Best Uses for 10 Inch Color Sparklers

There are many great ways to use color sparklers at a wedding; but since they are more colorful than regular ones’ they are ideal for certain uses. Here are the 3 best ways to use them to make your wedding better.

Outdoor Weddings

This colored version is the perfect choice for your outdoor wedding celebration! Because of the pigment tints, they are intended for outdoor use. Unlike our other options, these will create a small amount of smoke as they burn. However, if you use them outdoors, the smoke will not be a factor and you can enjoy more colorful photos!

Colorful Photos

Many couples use wedding sparklers in their photos, and these are much more vibrant than our gold versions. Choose a variety of different colors to create an exciting photo backdrop, or give each guest the same hue to match your wedding theme. Since our color wedding sparklers create a small amount of smoke, plan to take your photos outdoors.

Gender Reveal Parties

One new trend that has emerged is couples using sparklers at their gender reveal party to announce whether they are having a boy or a girl. Typically, couples choose either blue for a boy or red (pink) for girl. If you are having twins, many couples choose to use green. Since they all look the same (other than a small colored dot on each tip), nobody will know the gender until they are lit and display the tint. It can be a fun way to surprise your guests and add a fun activity to your gender reveal party!

No matter how you plan to use them at your wedding or gender reveal party, our 10 inch color sparklers are a great way to add variety to your event. They are one of the most affordable items that we sell, and they are the least expensive way to add color to your celebration.

Video Demonstration of How the Colors Will Appear

Additional information

Sparkler Color

Assorted, Red, Blue, Green

Package Size

Full Box (72 Sparklers), Full Case (288 Sparklers)

26 reviews for 10 Inch Color Wedding Sparklers

  1. Donna L.

    Though they claim to have tints of the specific color, I was very impressed with how colorful these sparklers were. Also, for being only 10 inches long, these color sparklers burn for a considerable amount of time.

  2. Angela Patterson

    These sparklers were much cheaper than I could find anywhere else online, and after researching the company I know that they offer the finest quality sparklers out of any online store. You will not be disappointed if you choose this company.

  3. Anna Stephenson

    I bought a variety of color to give my guests a choice at the send-off line, and I was happy with all three choices. These color sparklers were much more colorful than I expected, so it was a pleasant surprise.

  4. Stephanie A.

    These are a really great value for the money, plus I got free shipping and they arrived in only 2 days! I am definitely happy with my purchase.

  5. Olivia F.

    I got a variety of colors so my guests could choose which color sparklers they wanted to use. All of them worked very well and looked very nice. The colors were good.

  6. Genesis

    We used these for our baby reveal party. We sent Wedding Day Sparklers the results of our test so they new the gender and the sent us either blue or red sparklers for a boy or a girl. It was a boy!

  7. Joanna Rivera

    I was surprised at how colorful these sparklers were! We bought them for our wedding because we had lots of reds and blues and they were much better than I anticipated.

  8. Helina C.

    The gentle hues of red and blue in these color sparklers were perfect for our wedding. We did not want anything over the top, and these really did the trick.

  9. Rebecca D.

    We bought some red and blue color sparklers for our wedding because my husband is in the military. These were the perfect mix of elegance and patriotism, and everyone really enjoyed using them at our wedding reception.

  10. Jessica V.

    These were much more colorful than I thought based on the description. They claimed to be tints of the chosen color, but I thought they were very easy to discern. The price was right, delivery was fast, and the quality exceeded my expectations. Great item!

  11. Brittany Charlton

    Ordered colored sparklers for our gender reveal and accidentally had 3 too many of one color, so I emailed the company right away and within minutes they had refunded me and changed my order details. Another few minutes and I already had a notification email that they had been shipped! AMAZING customer service! Can’t wait to reveal the gender of our baby in such a fun way, thanks to Wedding Day Sparklers!!

  12. Chloe

    Chose these because our wedding color was blue. Very cool effect, and they were just the right size. Make sure you read the part about these ones making smoke! We paid attention and had our wedding exit outside. If it was inside, it would have choked everyone out. These are NOT smokeless like the gold colored ones they sell. Pay attention! Overall, couldn’t be happier with our purchase.

  13. Jerry

    Awesome! Used these at a birthday party, and everyone loved it. Great product. Also, shipping was insanely fast only waited 2 days.

  14. Jessica C.

    These are the coolest way to reveal the gender of your baby! Everyone clamored about them, and another couple even ordered some for their upcoming party. Simply the coolest.

  15. Sylvester F.

    The green ones were my favorite, but they were all really cool. Better than gold sparklers for sure.

  16. Wanetta

    Bought too many, but I’ll use them as New Year’s sparklers in January.

  17. Samantha R.

    Used these for maternity photos to “secretly” reveal the gender to anyone paying attention. Guess what? only 2 people figured it out. Great quality and really cool colors.

  18. Douglas Winslow

    Short, sweet, and ultra-cheap! Just wanted a conversation piece for our tables, and they ended up being everyone’s favorite part of the reception. If you plan on buying some, get a lot!

  19. John

    Fast shipping, great prices, and very high quality. Couldn’t be happier.

  20. Maria

    Cheap prices and fast shipping, arrived in 2 days!

  21. Jesse

    I chose blue for my maternity photos. They were everybody’s favorite!

  22. Lindy

    Perfect for my maternity photos.

  23. Chandra from FL

    Perfect for our gender reveal party. PS: it’s a boy!

  24. Tad

    Used them for an NFL draft party. I used red and blue for the Broncos team colors.

  25. Burgess P.

    These were perfect for our gender reveal party. It really made for a cool surprise!

  26. Loma H.

    Nice colors. Very gentle on the eyes.

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