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Wedding Cake Sparklers

Our wedding cake sparklers are quickly becoming one of our most popular items, and for good reason. You can make your wedding cake ceremony a real crowd-pleaser by adding some of our beautiful wedding cake sparklers into the event.

Much more elegant than sticking traditional wedding sparklers into your wedding cake, these have been specifically designed to enhance the presentation of your wedding cake. Our wedding cake sparklers are 100% food safe, so you won’t have to worry about your cake being rendered unedible. Our wedding cake sparklers are also a very popular choice in restaurants who want to accent a special dessert or add a fun twist to birthday celebrations. Our wedding cake sparklers are designed for use with wedding cakes, and are 100% food safe.

How Many Do I Need?
Each wedding cake sparkler will last approximately 40-45 seconds. We suggest having 4 wedding cake sparklers for each tier of your cake, though some brides choose to place one in each piece so the guest can participate in the fun.

*Outside packaging of sparklers may vary in color based on availability.

1 Sleeve (4 Sparklers) Full Box (40 Sparklers)
Price: $3.99 Price: $29.99

1/2 Case (120 Sparklers) Full Case (240 Sparklers)
Price: $69.99 Price: $129.99

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 13 reviews
by Lindy H. on Wedding Cake Sparklers
A New Tradition

It all started with my sister who had wedding cake sparklers, then two of our cousins had them, and now it is my turn! Using wedding cake sparklers for our weddings has become a new family tradition and is sure to continue for many years to come.

Kids Loved Them

We bought these for a birthday cake, and all of the kids loved them. You will not regret buying these for your next birthday or wedding celebration!

by Adalyn W. on Wedding Cake Sparklers
No Discoloration

When I first saw these cake sparklers, I assumed that they would leave a residue on the frosting. After doing some research and reading the description, they claimed that there wouldn't be any residue left behind. So, I ordered some wedding cakes sparklers and tried them ahead of time and they were telling the truth! No residue and no discoloration on the cake frosting. A truly great product!

Each Piece of Cake

We bought a whole case of these cake sparklers so we could put one on each piece of wedding cake to have everyone light them at the same time. They worked exactly as described, and they were a great lead up to the wedding sparklers we used later in the evening.

by Julianne F. on Wedding Cake Sparklers
Surprisingly Clean

We were worried that these wedding cake sparklers would damage our cake frosting, but they didn’t at all. Everything stayed clean and they did not affect the cake at all.

by Karen Vargas on Wedding Cake Sparklers
Gold Cake Sparklers

Cool effect on our wedding cake, not ugly residue, and the shipping was really fast. What else can I really say?

Keeps Cake Nice

I was a little worried that these cake sparklers would hurt the delicate frosting on my wedding cake, but there was no discoloration whatsoever. These are a great product!

by Kennedy Tilko on Wedding Cake Sparklers
Memorable, To Say The Least!

Nobody at our wedding was expecting sparklers on the wedding cake, so it was a very dramatic presentation. Our guests could not say enough about how cool these were. A truly unique and fun item to make your wedding stand out.

Very Unique

We bought some of these along with regular wedding sparklers on a whim just to see what they were like. These cake sparklers are very unique and we ended up having to order more before our wedding because we used them up in advance. They look really great on a wedding cake, but make sure you order enough or you may up them up in advance like we did!

by Loretta Jackson on Wedding Cake Sparklers

Got these for my wedding, and they were great! There is something really neat about putting sparklers on a wedding cake, and these do a good job of jkeeping the cake lloking and tasting nice.

by Terry J. on Wedding Cake Sparklers
Cooler Than I Thought

When I bought some of these to use at a wedding for my daughter, I really had no idea what to expect. I tried a few sparkelrs out on a piece of cake before I showed them to her and they were amazing! I think wedding cake sparklers may start to show up at more weddings in the future.

Cool On Cake!

I got some of these cake sparklers for a birthday cake for my daughter, and they were really cool! All of her friends really enjoyed them.

by Christina on Wedding Cake Sparklers
Better Than Candles

I bought these for my wedding cake even though I had never ssen something like them before. I have seen people put candles on their wedding cake, but I had never seen wedding cake sparklers anywhere. They were really cool an were a huge hit at the reception!