Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

Unique Wedding InvitationsWhen you’re planning your wedding, there are ample opportunities to express your unique creativity to really wow your guests. The wedding invitations are one such opportunity to really let your personality shine. They don’t have to be simple printed cards with dates and addresses on them; with a little imagination, you can come up with something your guests will make sure to hold onto until the day. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Printed on Cloth

Forgo the paper altogether and have your invitations printed on a handkerchief or cloth napkin. It’s a memorable way to get the information across, and it’s useful, too–your guests can bring their invitation to the ceremony in case of happy tears. Make sure to print a few extras for your groomsmen to use as pocket squares.

Seeded Paper

For an eco-friendly wedding theme, make your invitations green–literally. Go beyond recycled paper with paper that has real plant seeds pressed into the pulp. Your guests can plant the entire invitation in their garden (preferably after they’ve transferred the information on it) and watch it bloom. Just like the love you and your partner feel for each other!

Pop-up Invitations

If you (or an agreeable friend) have a talent for working with paper, make your invitation in the style of an old-school pop-up book. Here are instructions to make a simple pop-up with a single element. But with a little practice and design, you can go more elaborate for something that will really delight your guests. This one’s best for shorter guest lists, since it’s pretty labor-intensive, but if you’re having an intimate wedding it’s a fun option.

Playable Video Game

If you’d rather send digital wedding invitations than physical ones, let your imagination run wild and don’t limit yourself to simply copying what you can do in physical media. There are quite a few video game makers online that don’t require any coding skill to make a simple 8-bit-style platformer. You can use one of them to make a playable invitation that gives the player a bit of your history as a couple, then displays your wedding details on the game win screen. It takes a bit of work, but unlike the pop-up card, you only have to do it once.

Wedding Wheel

A wheel chart is a fun way to display information. Basically, its two circles, one with a tab cut out on the bottom and a window on the side. Underneath that goes another circle with topics printed around the edge, corresponding to information that will display in the window when the topic is aligned on the bottom tab. If that description didn’t make a whole lot of sense, there are tutorials online that should clear things up.

Scratch Card

You’re not gambling with your love, but you can let your guests feel like they’re playing the lottery when they receive your invitation. You can have scratch-off invitations made at your local print shop and various places online, or you can make your own with this tutorial. It’s a fun interactive way to get the information across, a little playful but still elegant.

Your wedding invitations should be as unique and creative as you and your partner. With a little imagination and effort, you can have invitations that will wow your guests.

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