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  1. Brenda Hall says:

    My idea is to have the people toasting in the wedding party light and hold a sparkler while giving their speech to the crowd and when the sparkler is done then so is the speech or they can light another one. Also have guests who want to say something hold the sparkler and pass it on after their comment to the next guest and so on. It creates a strong visual effect to go with their “audio” and helps set the tone for the comments and atmosphere.

    The newlyweds can keep the spent sparkler wire and add the name of the person who held it to a piece of paper and attach it as a keepsake to remember the speech and the person who gave it later in your life together.

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  2. Sarah Lorentz says:

    The church we are using for a reception needs to have everyone out by 9:30. To encourage guests to leave the building in a timely manner but still maintain a fun, festive atmosphere, we plan to have guests participate in the send off by giving each guest a sparkler to light as we exit. Though it’s been done before, I do think for an evening send off it gives closure to the wedding event and gives guests a reason to make their way to the door.

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  3. Miranda says:

    Love the idea of the sparkler exit or having your guests wrap the sparkler around you before taking a picture – absolutely magical!

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  4. Kristin Turner says:

    Sparklers are an amazing decor accent to any wedding. Have them placed into cute colorful mason jars near the exit, with a designated lighting person so guests can easily grab them and go outside for your send off. Guests stand lining the sidewalks as you embark on your exit, make for an amazing memory and caption!

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  5. Teresa Grasso says:

    My fiancé and are getting married June 14, 2014. We are 25 years old and we met 8 years ago. We are high school sweethearts and we are really excited about using sparklers after our ceremony; without our family and friends and their love and support we wouldn’t be where we are today. They truly light up our lives!

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  6. My fiance and I are getting married in a historic mansion in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I have always loved the idea of a sparkler send off and we have the perfect area to do it! I have a lot of relatives visiting from Illinois who have never been to Colorado and I want to make it as memorable as possible for them.

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  7. rachelle wilson says:

    I have always loved fireworks, but for my wedding the cost is too great for a fireworks show. I thought the next best thing is a rainbow send off using the 18 inch neon sparklers, and have a long line of color sparkling as we leave the reception and start our journey together. Also, the colored sparklers will surprise all the guests since they are used to just white sparklers!

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  8. Briana Kearns says:

    We are going to have 400 people in the send off line, with that many people it has been hard on us financially and I’ve always wanted a sparkling send off line. I am so excited to see that many sparklers before I leave for my honeymoon.

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  9. Barbara Alders says:

    We are planning to surprise the bride and groom with a sparkler send-off as they make their way from the reception to the bonfire at the Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, Minnesota on July 13, 2013.

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  10. Linda says:

    Using 36″ sparkler for outside wedding (lit) when bride & groom say “I Do” and presented to guests as “Mr. & Mrs.” (placed in ground on either side)
    Centerpiece – using wooden roses w/baby breath in vase w/glass beads or water peals (colored – maybe w/light?) in vase w/heart sparkler as part of centerpiece.
    Guest favors – heart sparkler or wooden flower w/name and date tag of bride & groom/date

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  11. Julie Rose says:

    I am getting married on New Year’s Eve. I have 3 uses for the sparklers. (1) The guests will be at the Banquet Hall prior to our arrival. The MC will introduce my wedding party, in pairs, as they enter. Each pair will split on either side of the door in a reception line and once they are all in & lined up, they will light sparklers for my husband and me to pass through. (2) My favors are personalized matchbooks (“Match Made in Heaven) or (the dictionary phrase) with a sparker attached. At the 10 second count-down for the new year, all of the guests will light their sparklers to bring in the New Year and to send us off.

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  12. Bonnie says:

    I used them for when the preacher said we was husband and wife and we walk down the isle to leave. The reason i choose than to use them is becuase most of the time alot of people leave before the send off. It was so perfect!

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  13. Kayla says:

    I am going to be using these sparklers for our send off…but as our ceremony is outside, I am also considering having my flower girl come down the aisle with the sparkler instead of flower pedals (no clean up!). Just an idea! : )

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  14. Whitney Beck says:

    We are getting married at a quaint little white wedding chapel, complete with a steeple and elegant garden reception venue. We’re having sparklers for the send off, as we get into our classic Rolls Royce limousine. Our theme is simple elegance. We’re having wooden veneer invitations and personalized wooden coasters as favors because his dad owns a millwork company — so having some wooden details seems charming to us. 🙂 It’s going to be a beautiful wedding and its only 63 days until he beginning of our happily ever after!

    p.s. Marlyn, that is such a lovely idea to have to have the sparklers during your first dance — I love seeing brides make their weddings uniquely special

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  15. Marlyn Bolanos says:

    I like the idea of using the sparklers as a send off but this won’t work for me as we plan on staying at the reception until it’s over.

    My idea is to have our guests light the sparklers during our first dance. This way our guests are a part of it by providing the lighting. 🙂

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  16. Jane Segory says:

    Fast shipping and made our day.

    Thank you

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  17. Mary MCall says:

    The 36 inch sparklers we purchased made the perfect send off at my wedding.
    Fast shipping and the lowest prices made this an easy choice.
    Thank you Wedding Day Sparklers

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  18. “So many brides get hung up on what colors work together, but why limit yourself to one or two when you have a rainbow at your fingertips? Display sodas or finger food in color order; have bridesmaids pick dresses in an array of hues; decorate tables with a plethora of ribbon and florals. Keep it tasteful by balancing all that color with white and minimal accents.”

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  19. Rene LaRusso says:

    I love sparklers for the sending line! they really add a great “spark” to the occasion. While there are many great ways to integrate sparklers into your wedding, the sending line is an instant classic.

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