Simple Spring Wedding Themes

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Spring Wedding ThemesSpring weddings often call for a simple theme and couples have countless options to choose from. The season allows for outdoor weddings or a combination of indoor and outdoor venues and this can help couples develop a theme.

One simple theme that lends itself well to a spring time wedding is a garden theme. There are botanical gardens and other venues that allow couples to have this experience on their wedding day but many couples choose to have a garden themed wedding in the backyard of a family member or close friend.

Decorations can be minimal at a garden themed wedding as the beauty of Mother Nature provides most of it naturally. Garden themed weddings also tend to be laid back and less formal than other themes, something many couples find relaxing on their wedding day.

A garden themed wedding can often save couples a significant amount of money because there is no need to serve a fancy sit down dinner at the reception. Some couples even choose to make their garden wedding potluck so that every guest is contributing something to the festivities of the day.

Since orchids are a flower associated with the spring season it is not uncommon for couples to choose an orchid theme for their wedding. This theme is popular among outgoing, bold couples as orchids are pink or bright purple, perfect for the spring wedding of two people with strong personalities. It is easy to match not only the wedding décor to this theme, but also the bridesmaid dresses.

In locations such as Washington D.C. cherry blossom themed spring weddings are extremely popular. The delicate shade of the cherry blossom is perfect for brides who want to feel like a princess on their wedding day. A design including cherry blossoms can easily be added to a wedding cake, and the cherry blossoms make decorating an easy task to do. The theme can also be incorporated into a couple’s wedding invitations and even their wedding favors.

Couples who want to maximize the romance of their spring wedding often choose a Parisian theme for it. Since Paris is known to be an ideal location for lovers it makes the perfect wedding theme. Miniature replicas of the Eifel Tower can be used as table centerpieces and couples can decorate their wedding with the colors most strongly associated with Paris, like pale pink and various lavender shades.

Macaroons make a great wedding favor for the Parisian theme. Couples can also change it up by serving French pastries to their guests rather than having the typical wedding cake. Brides can even purchase a wedding dress made by a French designer.

Another option for a spring wedding theme, especially an outdoor wedding, is a green themed eco -friendly wedding. This allows couples to support local farmers by serving locally grown and prepared foods at their wedding. Many couples choose to have their guests donate money to an environmental charity in lieu of giving traditional gifts.

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