New Wedding Traditions and Old Ones

While there are many new wedding traditions emerging in the market, many couples still maintain old traditions as well. Below you will find a list of common wedding traditions; both new and old. These make great wedding trivia game questions, and are also just fun facts to know when planning your wedding.

91% of weddings feature the cutting of the cake by the Bride and Groom.

90% of weddings have a first dance.

87% of weddings include celebratory toasts and that damned “clinking”.

68% of brides throw the bridal bouquet. (Down considerably.)

57% of grooms throw the bride’s garter. 100% of those grooms enjoy getting said garter.

4% of weddings feature guests throwing rice

10% now use wedding sparklers as a send off!

20% now have a photo booth so that they can capture poor quality pictures of their drunken friends.

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