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LED Balloons

Our amazingly colorful LED balloons are the perfect way to add some fun color to your wedding celebration or next gathering! Our LED balloons are manufactured to offer the highest quality and longest lasting LED experience. Each LED balloon is approximately 12” in diameter when fully inflated with helium, and each balloon will typically stay inflated for at least 10 hours. Our LED balloons feature 4 lighting modes for any occasion including fast flashing, slow flashing, or constant color mode via their internal LED lights that are preinstalled and ready to go.

Each of our color LED balloons will stay lit up for approximately 24 hours of constant use with the high quality built-in battery. These balloons are ready to go right out of the package with everything included; you just need to fill them with your own air or helium for the party to start! You have the option of choosing our assorted color package with one each of white, blue, red, yellow, and green LED balloons, or you can choose a single color pack of blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, or yellow LED balloons (see photos below). Each pack contains 5 balloons. One time use only.

1 Package (5 Balloons)
Price: $6.99

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by Rachel C. on LED Balloons
Fun Effects

I really like the fact that you can switch to different lighting modes on these LED balloons. I have bought similar balloons in the past that did not allow you to switch effects, and having a few going with each lighting pattern really makes a lot of difference.

by Phillip H. on LED Balloons
Various Speeds

I really like the various speeds and patterns that each LED balloon can produce. I put mine on the slowest of the 4 flashing modes and the batteries lasted well over 18 hours. These are a great choice for anyone looking to decorate a space using balloons but want the extra fun that you can only get with LED balloons.

by Tabitha Reynolds on LED Balloons
Somthing Different

We wanted balloons at our wedding, but we also wanted something that was a little out of the ordinary. We bought some of these LED balloons to try them out ahead of time and were pleasantly surprised at how cool they actually are! We just ordered another 20 packs for our wedding that is coming up in October!

by Tony S. on LED Balloons
Lights up the Room!

We bought some of these LED balloons to put around the dance floor at our wedding reception. Not only did they add a very cool lighting effect, but they also were fun for the kids to each take home at the end of the night.

by Patricia R. on LED Balloons
Great Service

I needed some of these balloons for a wedding that was only a week away, and they stayed true to their shipping policies! I had my sparklers, LED balloons, and sky lanterns within 4 days of ordering and these guys really saved our wedding. Thanks again for everything!

by Don Jenkins on LED Balloons
Kids Really Loved Them!

I bought a few packs of these LED balloons for a birthday party and the kids really loved them. You just have to inflate them and click the button on top of each balloon and they light up for what seems to be forever. Very well-made product!

by Ruth Caramille on LED Balloons
LED Balloons

These are one of the coolest items I have ever purchased! These LED Balloons really made our event much more memorable.