Inexpensive Wedding Favors

When planning a wedding, most brides are looking for ways to save money. One of the best places to cut wedding costs is on your wedding favors. There are several inexpensive wedding favors that will not sacrifice the fun and memories of your guests while saving money for things that you need to spend more on such as dinner, wedding cake, and the all-important wedding dress. Below, we have outlined a few creative ideas for inexpensive wedding favors that will have your friends and family talking for years.

Wedding Sparklers

Wedding SparklersOne type of wedding favors that are really inexpensive and growing in popularity are wedding sparklers.  Everyone loves sparklers, and wedding sparklers can add a touch of magic to your special day. Unlike traditional sparklers for holidays such as the 4th of July, wedding sparklers come in a decorative box specifically designed to match the elegant décor of a wedding. Also, there are several varieties of wedding sparklers available. Such varieties include 10” sparklers, 20” sparklers, 36” sparklers, and even heart shaped wedding sparklers to match any use and budget. For a complete selection available for purchase online, please visit our wedding sparklers page.

Chinese Sky Lanterns

Sky LanternsWhile Chinese sky lanterns have been a popular choice for weddings throughout Asia for many hundreds of years, they are just becoming popular and widely used in the United States. Similar to a hot air balloon, Chinese sky lanterns offer an excellent way to allow your guests to participate in the ceremony while keeping your budget in check. Whether you buy several sky lanterns to release simultaneously as a large group or just one to be released by the bride and groom at the end of the ceremony, Chinese sky lanterns add a touch of majestic beauty to any event. For a complete selection available for purchase online, please visit our sky lanterns page.

Champagne Wedding Party Poppers

Wedding Party PoppersAnyone who has ever used a party popper knows how much fun they can be; and at your wedding is no exception! Simply pull the string and stream of confetti are launched high in the air, raining down in a festive and beautiful medley.  Champagne wedding party poppers are specifically designed for wedding use and will blend with any type of wedding decorations.  Also, they are very inexpensive and provide an opportunity to involve your guests in the celebration. For a complete selection available for purchase online, please visit our wedding party poppers page.

Wooden Roses

Wooden RosesEveryone loves the glory of a beautiful rose, but real roses are both costly and perishable. A less expensive and longer lasting option is to use wooden roses in place of traditional living roses. Wooden roses are 100% hand-crafted and constructed with Birchwood petals, fabric leaves, and a bendable wire stem. This allows you to save money while providing a really nice wedding favor for your guests to take home. And cherish for many years to come. For a complete selection available for purchase online, please visit our wooden roses page.

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