Heart Shaped Wedding SparklersHeart Shaped Sparklers

Heart Shaped Sparklers

Besides just being a super cool sparkler, Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers make spectacular centerpieces on your guests’ dining tables! These heart shaped wedding sparklers, while only being 12” long, have the perfect look for your wedding decorations whether they’re lit or unlit.

Heart shaped sparklers are different from traditional “stick” type sparklers because they can be lit to go around the heart in one continuous line of sparkle, OR you can light them at the bottom center point and have them sparkle around both sides at the same time, with both sparkles coming together at the end.

The burn time for each heart shaped wedding sparkler is approximately 1 1/2 minutes. Our heart shaped wedding sparklers are steel wire, so they are smokeless.

6 Sleeves (36 Sparklers) Full Case (216 Sparklers)
Price: $32.00 Price: $170.00



Don’t buy leftover 4th of July sparklers for your wedding. Our beautifully packaged heart shaped wedding sparklers are designed specifically for weddings. The elegant packaging for our wedding sparklers adds class and charm to your magical day, unlike traditional sparkler packaging.

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