Heart Shaped Wedding SparklersHeart Shaped Sparklers

Heart Shaped Sparklers

Besides just being a super cool sparkler, Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers make spectacular centerpieces on your guests’ dining tables! These heart shaped wedding sparklers, while only being 12” long, have the perfect look for your wedding decorations whether they’re lit or unlit.

Heart shaped sparklers are different from traditional “stick” type sparklers because they can be lit to go around the heart in one continuous line of sparkle, OR you can light them at the bottom center point and have them sparkle around both sides at the same time, with both sparkles coming together at the end.

The burn time for each heart shaped wedding sparkler is approximately 1 1/2 minutes. Our heart shaped wedding sparklers are steel wire, so they are smokeless.

6 Sleeves (36 Sparklers) Full Case (216 Sparklers)
Price: $32.00 Price: $170.00

Don’t buy leftover 4th of July sparklers for your wedding. Our beautifully packaged heart shaped wedding sparklers are designed specifically for weddings. The elegant packaging for our wedding sparklers adds class and charm to your magical day, unlike traditional sparkler packaging.

Our Wedding Sparklers vs. Theirs

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Different and New

Oct 17, 2014 by Corina L.

I am not the youngest gal in the world, and I have used my fair share of sparklers over the years. When it cam time to buy sparklers for a wedding for my daughter, I thought I knew what I was going to get before I even searched. Much to my surprise, they have invented heart shaped sparklers which are totally blowing my mind. Thanks for having an awesome selection of products, including heart shaped sparklers, and you insanely fast shipping time.

Finally Something Romantic

Sep 09, 2014 by Fanny Jones

With our wedding coming up in just a month, I have been searching all over the internet for sparklers that are perfect for my wedding. When I stumbled across these heart shaped sparklers, I did some research to find out if they were any good. They get great reviews across the boards, so I figured I would order some to try. I ordered from this site because their prices on the heart shaped sparklers were the lowest, and they arrived in just 3 days. I have to say that I am in love with these heart shaped sparklers, and I just ordered another case for our wedding. Try them out, you will NOT be disappointed.

Very Charming

May 22, 2014 by Charlene

We wanted sparklers for our wedding reception, but we wanted something more unique than the type of sparklers you use at fireworks shows. We chose the heart shaped sparklers and were very happy with how cute and charming they were.

Very Classy

Mar 18, 2014 by Bethany Keller

I wanted sparklers at my wedding but didn't want tacky packaging or cheap looking wire sparklers. These heart shaped sparklers really did the trick and were easy to fit in my budget.


Jan 17, 2014 by Harper

I ordered these because I liked that they were shaped like hearts. They are for our upcoming wedding, so I thought it would be nice to choose the heart shaped sparklers because they seem more romantic. They are excellent and anyone who orders them will love them as much as us.

Very Fun

Dec 19, 2013 by Charlotte

We put one of these heart sparklers under each seat at our reception as a special surprise for our guests. It was really fun and everyone loved them.


Dec 03, 2013 by Kayla T.

These heart shaped sparklers were a really romantic addition to my wedding. They look really great sitting on the tables, and also when my guests has them burning.

Very Cute

Oct 28, 2013 by Florence

What a cute idea! Having sparklers that are shaped like a heart is a great way to add some extra romance to your reception. I think I might buy some for my an upcoming birthday party for my daughter as well.

Very Magical

Sep 15, 2013 by Amanda Reynolds

I had never seen sparklers in any shape before other than a stick, especially not a heart shaped sparkler! My daughter absolutely loved them at her wedding, and they were so romantic I am thinking of ordering some for my 25th anniversary.

Perfect for Girls

Aug 25, 2013 by Taylor Simpson

I bought these for a birthday party for my daughter and they were very popular! All of her friends loved them so much, I will certainly be buying them again. How can you go wrong with heart shaped sparkler?!


Jul 28, 2013 by Elizabeth A.

These heart shaped sparklers are super romantic! I am planning to place one in each champagne flute at the reception tables for my guests to enjoy after the ceremony.

Best Prices

Jul 02, 2013 by Carrie Thomas

I have been looking through site after site trying to find the best prices on heart shaped sparklers and this is by far the cheapest. Just thought I would share that to try to save other brides time.

Bigger Than I Thought

Jun 21, 2013 by Anthony M.

The pictures of these heart shaped sparklers do not really display how large they are; I was very pleased. The minute I opened a package of these sparklers, I could immediately tell they were very high quality and would burn for an extended period of time. Thanks Wedding Day Sparklers!

5.0 5.0 13 13 I am not the youngest gal in the world, and I have used my fair share of sparklers over the years. When it cam time to buy sparklers for a wedding for my daughter, I thought I knew Heart Shaped Sparklers

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