Fun Wedding Reception Ideas for Everyone

Reception IdeasWedding receptions are the part of the wedding that everyone is looking forward to. While the ceremony is sure to be beautiful and memorable, many of your guests are going to be more excited about mingling with you and the other guests instead of sitting and watching a formal routine; especially the guys. For this reason, it is very important that you make the reception as fun and entertaining as possible for everyone involved. There are many fun wedding reception ideas for everyone to enjoy, and here’s a list of some of my personal favorites.

Lots of Photos

Your guests want to feel like they’re part of your celebration and have a place in your new lives together, so making your reception personal is very important to accomplishing that. The best way to create this feeling is invite everyone into your life by sharing a vast array of photos throughout the reception hall. Your guests will love looking at all the photos you have to share, plus it will act as a great conversation starter for people who have never met before.

Be Excited

Many couples make the mistake of being too stiff and formal at their reception; which is exactly what the guests DON’T want! Make sure you are fanciful and free through the whole reception from start to finish. The newlywed couple sets the trend for the entire party, so make sure you encourage everyone to have a fun and relaxing time. You don’t need to go over-the-top; but having a little bounce in your steps and a smile on your faces can really go a long way.

Games, Games, and More Games!

There is nothing worse than a dull and uneventful wedding reception, so make sure you avoid this at all costs! You don’t need to spend a fortune bringing in entertainers or musicians to show your guests a good time, you can have all the fun in the world but just playing some reception games. There are tons of great games you can play that all of your guests will love, and best of all most of them are free. The more games you can come up with to occupy your guests’ time, the better your reception will be for everyone involved.

There are other great ways to make your reception more fun such as adding creative food, drinks, and decorations, so let your imagination go wild! Your wedding ceremony is a special moment for you and your fiancé, but the reception is where you get to scream it from the rooftops and share your joy with all of your friends. Don’t be afraid to put as much of yourselves into the reception as possible, and always make sure you’re gearing the party to have fun.

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