Enjoying Fireworks with Children

Fireworks with Children imageAs the 4th of July rapidly approaches, it’s always good to revisit topics that will play a role in your celebration. Whether you’re planning to go to a local amusement park or stadium for a professional fireworks show or you just want to gather in your backyard to light off some consumer grade fireworks, chances are you’ll be celebrating with children. Children love fireworks more than any other age group, so it can be a lot of fun to watch them enjoy the show. However, there are some things that you’ll want to keep in mind when preparing to watch fireworks with children, so here are a few points to consider.

Leave Babies at Home

Babies are scared easily, and with all of the loud sounds and bright lights of fireworks they can easily get agitated. If you are planning to head out to a big professional show, either find a babysitter or stay home while everyone else goes to the show. If you are going to a backyard party where they will be lighting fireworks, make sure you head inside with the baby before they start. Watching fireworks with children can be fun, but a crying baby can ruin it for everyone.

Watch the Heat

Usually July is one of the hottest months of the year, so it can often times be much too hot for children to be outside for too long. This can make watching fireworks with children downright dangerous. Make sure you are aware of the temperature and bring plenty of water to keep the children hydrated throughout the evening. If possible, make sure you bring a vehicle with working air conditioning to keep everyone cool until the moment the fireworks start. Sometimes, if it’s too hot out, you’re better off skipping fireworks and playing a game at home instead.

Bring Supplies to Enjoy Fireworks with Children

There are a lot of things that happen during a fireworks show outing, so make sure you bring plenty of supplies. You’ll want a blanket for the children to sit on as well as items like bug spray, lawn chairs, and a cooler full of drinks and snacks. It’s also okay to bring small fireworks for the kids like sparklers and smoke bombs, just make sure you follow all of the basic firework safety precautions and supervise them closely.

Arrive Early for a Good Spot

The early bird always catches the worm, and that’s particularly true with fireworks shows. People will head out up to 3 hours ahead of time to get a great spot, so make it into a family adventure and show up early. Remember, you’re building memories with your children to last a lifetime, so spending a little extra time to make it great can go a very long way.

Taking your children to a fireworks show is one of the most entertaining family activities imaginable, you just need to make sure you plan ahead for everything that you’ll need. Children are sensitive to heat and noise, so sometimes it’s best to leave the little ones at home. Overall, enjoying fireworks with children can be a great activity, so enjoy the experience and have fun celebrating this 4th of July this year!

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