Color LED Party Lanterns
Hanging LED Party Lanterns

Color LED Party Lanterns

Our color LED party lanterns are a colorful way to add shed some light on your wedding, event, or outdoor party. Each 6 pack of our color LED party lanterns include one each of our blue, green, purple, red, violet, and yellow color LED party lanterns (see photos below). These LED party lanterns produce just the right amount of light to add elegance to your wedding or event. Unlike our other lanterns that we carry, these color LED party lanterns are a hanging lantern; meaning they hang from a tree or deck joist rather than float away like our color sky lanterns. Each color LED party lantern comes ready to go with a built-in LED light and battery.
1 Sleeve (6 Lanterns) 1/2 Case (3 Sleeves)
Price: $29.99 Price: $79.99

Full Case (6 Sleeves)
Price: $149.99
*Each sleeve contains one of each color LED party lantern.

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Best Value

I have searched high and low across the internet for the best price on color LED party lanterns, and this is by far the cheapest prices on them. Look if you want, but these prices are great considering these are the full sized party lanterns and not the little ones.

Great for Wedding

I was really excited to see what my color LED party lanterns would look like in my backyard as soon as I bought them. We wanted them to provide light for a wedding reception in our backyard, and they really did the job perfectly. If you want a cheap and elegant lighting option for your wedding, these LED party lanterns are the perfect thing.

Pefect Ambience

We wanted to give our outdoor wedding reception some really fun mood lighting, so we bought some of these color LED party lanterns. They create the perfect ambience for a wedding reception while at the same time offering enough light for everyone to see what they are doing. While we were at it, we bought some sky lanterns and sparklers too, so now we have a bunch of fun items for the reception.


We bought a bunch of the color LED lanterns to hang in our backyard for our wedding reception expecting them to be a one-time use kind of thing. It has been a few months, and we are still using them at night for lighting in our backyard. They are surprisingly durable.

by Alicia Patton on Color LED Party Lanterns
Color LED Party Lanterns

Ordered some of these for our outdoor wedding, and they were exactly as described. The LED lights on these party lanterns were bright and colorful, but not overly bright as to hurt the eyes. Shipping was very fast as well, so not much to complain about on this end.

by Holly Marshall on Color LED Party Lanterns
Glowing Colors!

Such colors! We wanted a little variety for our backyard party, and these color LED party lanterns were just the ticket!